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If you are a prospective client wanting to find out more about whether we can help you, or a potential partner looking to explore marketing opportunities, please contact:

Scott Pollard
Global Business Development & Client Services
+1 (212) 885-0315
Sarah Brandon
National Director, Business Development
Local leadership
Goldy Hyder
President and CEO
Brian Mersereau
Peter Donolo
Vice Chairman
Joy Jennissen
Chief Client Officer
Sheila Wisniewski
Senior Vice President
General Manager, Toronto
Isabelle Verreault
Senior Vice President
General Manager, Quebec
Marie Rajic
Senior Vice President
General Manager, Alberta and Prairies
Steve Vander Wal
Vice President
General Manager, British Columbia
Rob Mariani
Senior Vice President
General Manager, Ottawa
National Lead, Citizen Engagement
Elizabeth Roscoe
Senior Vice President
National Lead, Public Affairs
Hilda Kinross
Senior Vice President
National Lead, Consumer
Jane Shapiro
Senior Vice President
National Lead, Crisis + Corporate
Elliott Gauthier
Senior Vice President
National Director, Research + Analytics
Global leadership
Jack Martin
Global Chairman, CEO
+1 (212) 885-0372
Alexander Jutkowitz
Chief Global Strategist;
CEO, Group SJR

Mark Thorne
Global Chief Operating Officer;
Vice Chairman

Meredith Marks
Global General Counsel

Ruth Clark
Global Human Resources Director
+1 (416) 413-4622
Leslie Cauley
Chief Content and Communications Officer

Kate Augustine
Global Head of Talent

Lars Erik Grønntun
Global President
Richard Millar
Global President
Regional leadership
Viv Lines
Global Vice Chair;
Chairman Asia Pacific
+65 6338 2881
Lars Erik Gronntun
Chairman and CEO, EMEA
+47 22 048 200
Richard Millar
CEO, London
+44 20 7413 3000
Alexander Jutkowitz
CEO, United States
+1 (212) 885-0606
Goldy Hyder
President and CEO, Canada
+1 (613) 786-9932
Claudia Gioia
President and CEO, Latin America
+1 (917) 622-4764

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