+1 Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?

I use Twitter for work. But for it to be of any use, I find I need to dedicate about two hours a day toward cultivating my feed and engaging with sources and readers. I don’t spend that much time everyday, but I think that’s about how much is needed if you’re serious about generating story ideas, engaging with readers and building relationships. I take the Go Train into work a lot, which makes this a little more realistic.

+2 What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Working in a used car lot. I was 17 and terrible at parking, and kept banging the cars into each other. After one particularly fantastic bangup in the tight parking lot, I saw a bus coming down the street. I got on and never went back. They still technically owe me some money and I left behind a pretty cool jean jacket with a Kiss patch on the back. But, I’m sure I owe them more money than they owe me, so maybe don’t mention this whole thing to them.

+3 Not including your own (newspaper/magazine/blog), what else do you read?

Every morning I read the National Post, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun and a handful of other papers depending on what’s happening where (I use an iPad app that gives you access to a couple of thousand of newspapers a day for about $30 a month). I have about a half dozen magazine subscriptions. And I try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction books, but usually have at least one of each going at a time.

+4 What’s your guilty indulgence?

I hate the idea of guilty indulgences. If something is good, it’s good even if everyone else thinks it’s garbage. That said, I like Stephen King more than my friends do. I read all of the Game of Thrones books. And I maintain “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne is the best song of the 2000s, even if you’re all too snooty to admit it.

+5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud and why?

Being appointed the editor of my college newspaper, the Algonquin Times. I was a terrible student, my high school average was in the 50s somewhere. But something clicked in journalism school and I was able to pull high marks and not feel out of place the whole time. And being the editor of the paper meant I could take all the best stories for myself and boss my classmates around, which was way better than having it happen the other way around.

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