H+K Perspectives

H+K Perspectives

H+K Perspectives is a market research panel of more than 20,000 Canadians that we recruit and maintain in order to support our clients and in-house research initiatives across all practice areas.

Our panel is recruited through carefully tested and refined online techniques. We partner with the largest and most credible online advertising platforms to deliver panel recruitment invitations to random, defined and stratified samples. Our recruitment and retention program—designed by leading panel experts—draws on the strengths of various sampling techniques and calls for regular benchmark testing of the panel against real-world measures (such as data from census) in order to ensure its representativeness.

H+K Perspectives supports clients with valuable custom research, as well as a regular bi-weekly omnibus. Our panel also furnishes the backbone for custom micro-panels, in-depth interviews, in-person and online-based focus groups and deliberative sessions, communication testing and social media engagement. We provide high-quality research deliverables, derived from our proprietary calibration model, which rivals anything in the marketplace.

In short, H+K Perspectives is designed to meet any research needs our clients may have.

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Elliott Gauthier, VP, National Director
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