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Infrastructure projects are high on the government’s agenda, resulting in billions of dollars of private and public investments over the next decade. With the flux of new infrastructure and development investments, successfully delivering largescale infrastructure projects has become extremely complex, as they are exposed to a variety of risks and challenges from the onset. From managing a multitude of stakeholders to stringent regulatory processes, these risks and challenges evolve over the course of a project life cycle. What’s more, numerous stakeholders can affect the course of an infrastructure project in unpredictable ways, potentially leading to significant cost overruns and delays.

We help project teams to anticipate and proactively manage these risks. We do this by engaging stakeholders including government and community, in a meaningful way throughout the project life cycle. With a strong track record in communications and engagement for urban infrastructure, we provide a full service offering for stakeholder engagement and public participation specific to real estate and infrastructure projects. Combined with our subject expertise and training in land use planning, transportation, public policy, mediation and municipal services, our professionals speak the language of urban infrastructure.

Our integrated service offering is based on a proven track record of success in the cities and infrastructure sectors. Services include research, government relations, online and in-person community engagement and strategic communications. We accompany project leaders in developing and implementing strategies to flexibly and seamlessly respond to the realities of development today, starting by doing a comprehensive assessment and then tailoring services according to the specific needs of each project. Being present across Canada, we benefit from local knowledge and the support from a variety of national experts.

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Jacques Bénard, SVP
[Engagement strategies]
Jane Shapiro, SVP, National Practice Leader
[Corporate communications, Crisis communications and issues management]