digital and social communications

Digital communications is at the heart of everything we do at H+K. While we have a dedicated digital practice focused on thought-leadership, technologies and new ways to make connections—our digital strategists live within each of our groups. In this way, every program we develop is social and digital by nature.

Through digital communications and social media, we encourage product trial, change behaviour, support a cause, evolve communities, and put together networks—whatever it takes to help meet your business or organization goal. And, we don’t simply develop the strategies. We have the in-house resources to build the connection points, apps, websites and mechanisms to engage communities.

We understand social storytelling, so we create compelling content. We understand advocacy, so we fashion social campaigns that move influencers. We thrive on research-driven strategies, so we develop—and measure—ingenious social web programs to connect you with customers and stakeholders.

At H+K, we have been working on digital strategies for longer than there’s been a social web. And it shows—through thorough, well-researched strategies, smart social platforms and online communities that change minds and animate action.

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