Digital + Cyber Resilience

Our heavy and growing reliance on networks, computers and mobile devices brings with it both opportunities and risks. In the past quarter century, we have witnessed extraordinary gains, from dramatically expanding digital-centric economies, to new levels of knowledge, quality of life and personal empowerment. Yet these changes have also made us more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks and other malicious acts by internal and external perpetrators.

Criminals, both foreign and domestic, are increasingly targeting vast amounts of data with the objective of stealing personal identities, business information and financial assets.  Moreover, State-sponsored actors and terrorist entities, are increasingly targeting organizations for access to the identities of high net worth clients, intellectual property, market advantages, or as targets for putting critical infrastructure at risk in times of conflict.

Since the 2013 leak of highly-sensitive and classified information from the National Security Agency by Edward Snowden, cyber threat awareness and preparedness has greatly increased. This case highlighted that need to tackle cybersecurity risks from both external as well as internal perspectives.

H+K Digital Resilience is a layered approach to cybersecurity that enables organizations to mitigate the risk and reality of attacks, build effective incident response and continuity plans, and provide an overall global risk environment assessment through situational awareness and dark web analytics. In addition, H+K Digital Resilience provides internal communications and engagement plans to influence attitudes and behaviours around cyber resilience.

Digital Resilience is not only an operational approach. It is equally about crisis communications.  Cyberattacks put the organization’s reputation at risk:  has the confidential information of customers, patients, suppliers or employees been exposed, accounts accessed or, equipment and possessions altered and compromised?  How quickly, efficiently and well organizations communicate with all affected audiences about the nature of the attack and what is being done to fix or mitigate the impact can be the difference between a transitory threat to reputation and lasting reputation ruin. Timely communications with governments and regulators can change the trajectory of the event.

Our Digital Resilience program is fully integrated because so are the challenges posed by cybersecurity risks.

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