Your audience has questions. You already have the answers, but you just don’t have the mechanism to communicate them. QA+ offers you exactly that.

QA+ is an H+K innovation that helps brands answer the questions their audiences have in an interactive and efficient way.

Born out of a client challenge, QA+ allows organizations to debunk myths and address inquiries that typically arise on social, while providing a unique solution to engaging audiences around their questions. It manages scale and response time. It provides a platform for shareable and engaging content.

The platform is versatile by design and works for a diverse range of audiences. Whether your organization falls in the consumer, corporate, government or citizen space, QA+ allows you to engage with whoever your primary target audience is, while amplifying your answers to reach a broader group. Some of the uses for QA+ include:

  • Addressing common brand misconceptions
  • Crisis and issues management
  • New product or service launch
  • Community engagement and stakeholder relations

Myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions often define a brand or organization’s narrative. Take back social control with QA+, all while managing expectations and critical audience relationships.

To experience a live demo of QA+, please click here.