research and measurement

We deliver insight. About where our clients have been, where they are today and where they’ll be tomorrow. And our finger’s on the pulse with real-time, always-on monitoring and assessment platforms.

Our quantitative and qualitative research methods, leading-edge data analysis, analytics and data visualization equip our clients with a 360 degree view. Our holistic approach to research and measurement provides our clients with intel to help shape their engagement, communications, public relations and policy efforts.

Our primary research activity is supported by our proprietary H+K-managed research community, called H+K Perspectives—a 20,000-strong Canadian research community.

Whether it’s general public survey assignments, recruiting for custom micro-panels, omnibus surveys, in-depth interviews, in-person and online-based focus groups, or communication testing and deliberative consultation sessions, H+K`s Research and Measurement team is your answer for real, actionable insights.

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Elliott Gauthier, VP, National Director
[Research + Measurement]
Manon Abud, Vice-President
[Engagement strategies, Research + Measurement]