How did we come up with the 10 to follow list for the #ableg hashtag?
Well, we’re a scientific bunch here at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, so we referred to a number of key data points (ranking of influence by the Cybranding website, number of followers). And then we subjectively assigned rankings based on “troll-like” qualities: insight and sense of humour. We also eliminated the professionals – even though some of these amateurs have far more impact!

  • Two couples are tied for our 10th spot (yes, that means we have 13 altogether  – we cheated; get over it): @CoryBMorgan and @Jaanikka represent the #wrp side and @ppilarski and @crontynen are with the PCs. Having said that, these couples have no problem pointing out deficiencies within their own parties; their standards are high and they will communicate displeasure. If you have a delicate disposition, stay away from the male halves of these partnerships – both have been accused of being “troll-like”
  • @ChrisLaBossiere: As one of the key voices of the #abparty when it was getting off the ground, Chris represents the idealistic voice of #ableg. He’s a strong proponent of doing things better. And don’t think he doesn’t walk the talk. An accomplished businessman, Chris talks about his province from the point of view of someone who’s helping build it
  • Our Enlightened Savage on twitter is @Oberhoffner. A failed PC candidate (who lost the nomination in Calgary Fish Creek to Wendolyn Fraser), Joey is a youthful blogger/tweeter who you can count on for a witty retort and strong observations. Thank goodness for Twitter;  Joey’s blog posts are noted for their length, with some taking two to three years to read
  • @AlbertaDoug: Doug is an enigma. Normally, an anonymous account wouldn’t be included in a list like this, but Doug is respectful yet demanding with highly interactive tweets that command attention. An anonymous poster interested in building relationships. Huh!
  • @Joe_Bower: Joe is first and foremost an educator. And that may be why he’s so popular on Twitter. You can count on learning from Joe. And the first thing you’ll learn is how Twitter is supposed to be used. He interacts. He contributes. He leads
  • Sometimes, you want to listen to a softer voice; that’s @PattyMC22’s role. Reading Twitter can be like listening to 100 people yelling at each other. But not Patty. Patty has a quieter voice in the Twittersphere, but it’s a voice worth hearing. Her insights are solid and her partisanship minimal. All around, just a nice person. And sometimes, that’s all you want
  • Sharp and biting, @AlbertaAltruist is an instigator. If he was a hockey player, he would be Kenny Linseman – the rat.  Always willing to go into the corner and throw an elbow, Derrick is far more likely to start a flame war than to be burned by one. A super-nice fellow IRL, his twitter feed is a balanced blend of gasoline and oxygen just waiting to ignite
  • Only one man can claim to have changed the outcome of the 2012 provincial election and that is @BRinYEG. Blake, using an alias account, alerted the world to the Hunsperger “Lake of Fire” controversy. Virtually everyone involved in the election has noted that Blake’s single tweet changed the substance and course of the election. Not bad for less than 140 characters
  • One blogger in Alberta controls the discourse about Alberta politics, and that’s @davecournoyer. Dave was first thrust into the limelight when he secured the rights to and was asked to “cease and desist.” Instead, Dave turned up the heat. From that first introduction to the political elite, Dave has grown his blog to be the source for information about #ableg that the mainstream media are unlikely to cover
  • Our top pick goes to one self-proclaimed “tough broad” who creates controversy with every tweet while creating a legion of fans. No. 1 in the Cybranding influencer rankings for a reason, she has a biting sense of humour, a solid sense of what’s right and wrong and a passion to defend the weak. And weak she ain’t. Tough as nails, she’s endured attacks from all sides of #ableg. She creates withering responses and will single-handedly defend #ableg from the trolls. She amuses, titillates, informs and creates community all from her world headquarters in #YEG.

Congratulations to our No. 1 influencer on #ableg: @kikkiplanet