If there’s one constant in life, it’s that people love food. We love to buy it, make it, eat it and analyze it.  We even photograph it. Today, Canadians are more food-aware than ever before. We have access to an ever-expanding array of ingredients and know-how, and we’re sharing our food-love with friends and followers thanks to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, just to name a few.
There’s no doubt: food has taken both traditional and social media channels by storm. There’s an insatiable appetite for reality shows and entire networks dedicated to food, recipe and restaurant reviews, and chefs who are celebrated as rock stars.
It’s no surprise, then, that brands are elevating food to new heights and food bloggers are influencing trends and feeding our food obsession.  Here’s our list of just 10 of Canada’s savviest food bloggers who are worth following because they’re doing it right.  Those of us who are writers, photographers and wannabe kitchenistas can learn a thing or two from this set:

Aimée—mother of three, married to her high-school sweetheart—is a travel nut and passionate foodie through and through. Inspired by her mother and rural West Coast upbringing, Aimée spent 10 years in the professional cooking industry prior to sharing her love for the simple things as a food blogger.

Amy’s blog is a collection of recipes and images all from her family kitchen on the West Coast. In love with apple pie and obsessed with canning—she warns us, it’s addictive—her blog features beautiful pictures, informative how-tos and great recipes that aim to include some agri-friendly, whole ingredients.

It’s abundantly clear that Barry Parsons simply loves food. Rock Recipes boasts recipe after recipe—after recipe. Celebrating its sixth year as a go-to food blog from Canada’s beloved East Coast, check out this site for an extensive recipe index, fun tips, video how-tos and much more.

Jan is a fun-loving food writer and party planner blogging about great family recipes from pappardelle to mac & cheese to the latest haul from her local farmer’s market. Accompanied by delicious pictures, Family Bites houses meal ideas for everyday family fun.

Kris’s passion for delicious, healthy, local food began at an early age when she was born into a family-owned restaurant. Combined with her interest in wellness and sustainability, this blog is all about balance (and beautiful pictures).

Laura and Ceri left the journalism world and created a blog to provide information and inspiration to meet the demands of feeding a healthy (and busy) family. Both mothers themselves, their blog houses a fantastic collection of tips, recipes and much more that aim to create a longstanding relationship between children and healthy nutrition.

Louisa is a young food blogger from Toronto that’s been smitten with cooking and baking since the age of seven. She’s passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same; and she’s happiest when developing, testing and writing about the recipes she loves. Lou is known for never showing up to a party empty-handed!

Full-time French teacher, part-time cooking class instructor, travel aficionado and photographer are just a few of the hats that Mardi wears. Her blog is focused on sharing culinary adventures near and far, of which there are many. Beautiful photographs and Mardi’s infamous macaroons are reason enough to visit this site.

Marian “has thing for sweets”; her blog is where she shares all things related to her sugar-art passion, including how-tos and recipes. In addition to the mouth-watering photographs that are sure to spark some baking inspiration, this blog houses cooking and decorating tutorials, instructions on how to marble royal icing and even an index of baking terms.

Renée’s blog is a combination of her favourite things: cooking, food photography and writing. With a butter-always rule (no margarine allowed!), this yummy blog toasts good quality, natural ingredients and local and organic where possible.