Ottawa is a city passionate about all things politics. And, lately, all things scandal.
Since it can be hard to keep on top of The Hill’s chatter, we’re here to help. Our newest 10 to follow features journalists and bloggers with strong Twitter personalities. You’ll find tweets about political news, scandals and happenings, filled with facts, opinions and catchy sound bites—often served with healthy doses of sarcasm and provocation:

  • @IvisonJ: John is a political columnist with the National Post who focuses on happenings on Parliament Hill; he’s been known to invoke cartoon references to make a point.
  • @kady: Kady is a CBC reporter who can be found live tweeting committee meetings, press conferences, judicial inquiries, budget launches and cabinet shuffles.
  • @SusanDelacourt: Susan is a senior writer at the Toronto Star. Primarily Liberal-focused, particularly on Justin Trudeau, she covers all issues and doesn’t shy away from provocative tweets (think Duffy debts).
  • @RobertFife: Robert has politics running through his veins as CTV News’ Ottawa bureau chief; a trusted news source, this executive producer of CTV’s Power Play and Question Period is often the first to report breaking political news.
  • @stphnmaher: Stephen is an investigative journalist with Post Media. He is the RT (re-tweet) king, sharing tweets from other journalists with a personal twist on Ottawa’s political events.
  • @evansolomoncbc: Evan is the host of Power and Politics with Evan Solomon on CBC. He tweets about his special guests, breaking news and—of course—political scandal.
  • @elatraverse: Emmanuelle, the bureau chief for Radio-Canada, provides tweeters with extensive updates on the scandals and issues in Canadian politics.
  • @danlebla: Daniel is a journalist with the Globe and Mail and provides his news to Tweeters all while inserting a bit of humour.