Innocent a-Blog

by H+K Canada

April 30, 2010

Innocent a-Blog

One month after starting my own blog some of my colleagues have asked me how I feel about it so far.  After reading an article about the comments of a CEO of a global public relations firm who recently stopped off in Toronto, I feel darned good.  When asked about his personal experience with social … Read more

Redaction Redux

As a member of the Institute of Corporate Governance, I follow governance issues quite closely.  More and more of our work at H&K involves working with corporate boards of directors.  So I couldn’t help but to be interested in recent media commentary on governance in the public sector. Information is power.  This maxim rules every … Read more

So You Think You Can Dance

As the leader of Prime Minister Harper’s debate team for the past three federal elections, I had to inform the party recently that I would be unable to do a fourth because of rule changes governing lobbyists involvement in election campaigns. But since my interest in debates hasn’t waned,  I could not help but be … Read more

Letting Ethics Be Your Guide

The lobby industry just can’t seem to get a break. Each government since Brian Mulroney has tightened the lobbying rules in an effort to minimize the perception of conflict and improper influence. Usually these changes come after real or imagined controversy. For Brian Mulroney, it was former Newfoundland premier Frank Moore’s representation of Air Canada … Read more

H&K Once Again One of Canada’s Best Workplaces

It was great reading in the Globe & Mail today that H&K once again been named as one of Canada’s best workplaces for 2010.  While the positive reactions from clients and staff are very gratifying I don’t think people fully understand the significance of being a great workplace. Our business is about people not brands.  … Read more

Bringing the Olympics to Québec City

It may seem a little ‘eager’ on our part, but our Québec team and I met this week to discuss a plan of action for helping Québec City secure the 2022 or 2026 winter Olympics.  Coming off the very successful Vancouver games, it was so evident to me that the planning around a successful bid … Read more