Getting with the times

by H+K Canada

May 31, 2010

Getting with the times

During my business plan presentation in Ottawa in January, I was asked what the biggest source of uncertainty was for the company.  I said I was concerned about regulatory changes in the lobbying industry and the unknown impact they would have on our business.  This is a very material issue for the whole company because … Read more

The power of persistence

Years ago I wrote in one of our company newsletters that the true mark of leadership was persistence.  We were going through a meltdown at H&K at the time, and I came to the realization that sometimes in a crisis all you can do is hold on until the crisis subsides, and then slowly chip … Read more

Moving away from the pack

The recent UK coalition agreement is just another reason why this June’s G8/ G20 meeting is shaping up to be a marvelous opportunity for Canada. As part of the coalition agreement, the government will be introducing a bank tax levy, and will be following the US lead to investigate the possibility of separating retail and … Read more

Let the real games begin!

Poor Nick Clegg! All that media attention that was paid to him around the leaders debates and what does he have to show for it – fewer seats! As I wrote a few weeks ago, the importance of debates at the end of the day is often overstated. Conservative party leader, David Cameron would enter … Read more

Listen while you work

Last week Simon Houpt, of the Globe and Mail wrote an interesting piece called “In praise of older relationships”.  He quoted Shelly Brown, president of  the Toronto-based ad agency Zig, as saying “I think we live in a culture where the grass always appears greener on the other side, where change is always good, and … Read more