One of Our Own

by H+K Canada

June 22, 2010

One of Our Own

I was inspired to read last week of Kory Teneycke’s role in the launch of Sun News. Kory’s a product of the PR and PA world. A former colleague of mine in the conservative campaign. Kory was raised in Saskatchewan, a good family man with successful stints in politics, lobbying, and media punditry. Kory is … Read more

Obama dodges for now!

Eric Reguly of the Globe and Mail, wrote in the Globe last week that BP should have hired a big name U.S. PR company with better access to decision makers in order to “better fend off the wolf pack”. He is probably right about that – though I continue to be amazed at the lack … Read more

He who casts the first stone

Everyone seems to be piling on British Petroleum and in particular, beleaguered CEO, Tony Hayward for its crisis response to the Gulf oil disaster.  Yesterday President Obama had his strongest words yet when he said during a television interview that “if he were BP’s boss (Hayward) wouldn’t be working for me”.  The President went on … Read more

Execution is everything

Last week I attended the Board of Governors meeting of the National Quality Institute (NQI).  I have been a member of the board for almost nine years, and H&K has been a member of the institute for over a dozen!  The NQI is Canada’s foremost not-for-profit organization dedicated to evangelizing the cause of quality and … Read more