The power of networks is a lesson for PR

by H+K Canada

July 29, 2010

The power of networks is a lesson for PR

There is a great story in Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller The Tipping Point, about the American patriot Paul Revere. Most will be familiar with the story of Revere’s ride up northern Massachusetts to warn towns and villages that the “British were coming”. Thanks to Revere, the British faced an unexpected rebel force at Lexington, where … Read more

Playing to our strength

This past June our global chairman, Paul Taaffe, was a judge at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. Last year, for the first time there was a category for PR. We were all quite surprised to learn that the award actually went to an advertising firm which put together a brilliant campaign to promote Australian … Read more

You have to commit to networking

This week I attended Frank McKenna’s Annual Business Networking Golf Tournament at the Fox Harb’r Golf Resort. Frank organizes this tournament each year to bring business and government leaders together in an intimate networking setting at Ron Joyce’s (co-founder of Tim Horton’s) exclusive golf resort in Nova Scotia. The event is a who’s who of … Read more

Where’s the news today?

I knew if I waited long enough something would inspire this week’s post. There it was this morning! I woke up to a screaming headline from Canada’s National newspaper – the Globe & Mail, that Ottawa was to toughen up boating standards. Wow! It is summer, but are there no bigger issues in the news … Read more

Same old groupthink

Once again I find myself rolling along on a train from Montreal, drafting my latest post. It’s Tuesday evening and most of the media are finishing up coverage of the G8/G20. Reading what they have to say makes me appreciate why so many seek out alternative sources of news through social media. Pack journalism is … Read more