The Wright Guy

by H+K Canada

September 29, 2010

The Wright Guy

Last week Prime Minister Harper announced his replacement for departing Chief of Staff, Guy Giorno. The incumbent, Nigel Wright, has been a business executive with the Onex Corp since 1997. His tenure with Onex winds up by October 31st.  He will start transitioning in mid November, focusing on party organization and generally immersing himself back … Read more

Gladwell on the Sidelines

(The lovely image is from the article discussed below, but there is no credit identified.) Malcolm Gladwell tends to write about what exists and why, not what is coming into existence and what it means or how to advance it. In an article in the October 4th issue of The New Yorker called Small Change: … Read more

Howard Rheingold’s Social Media Literacies

Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs among other writings on technology and culture, spoke (inspirationally) last Thursday at Toronto’s Ryerson University about the use of social media in education. That’s him below . . . One of his themes is the need for educational institutions, instructional designers and teachers to recognize the new ‘literacies’ required … Read more

CSR & the Capital Markets

Discussions about the relevance and influence of corporate social responsibility usually don’t take into account the significance of corporate conduct on capital market decisions, perhaps because it is thought this is the arcane domain of financial analysts and academics. However, if those of us who believe responsible conduct is an imperative and not just an … Read more

Score one for the best team

In the wake of last week’s news that former HP global president Mark Hurd accepted a job with rival Oracle, it was inspirational for me to learn about the Jake Locker story.  Jake Locker is a senior quarterback with the Washington Huskies.  Jake turned down an NFL offer to include him in its draft last … Read more