When Opportunity Knocks!

by H+K Canada

October 29, 2010

When Opportunity Knocks!

It seems like American commentators have a new found interest in Canada. The other day one of my colleagues flipped to me Richard Edelman’s blog post  The New Approach Up North. Edelman runs a fine shop in Toronto led by my former colleague Heather Conway. Heather and I co-authored an article 25 years ago on … Read more

Foreign takeovers are not like hockey games

The news that mining giant BHP Billiton had hired three former advisors to  Canadian Prime Ministers, including myself, raised a few questions among H&Kers about how I felt about helping to ‘sell off’ a Canadian company. I am grateful that they felt comfortable enough to freely ask this question and I am pleased to respond. … Read more

It’s all about perspective!

Last week’s visit to the Alberta oil sands by film director James Cameron was widely reported by media around the globe. Interviews were granted to news organizations like the BBC, The LA Times, MSNBC and Reuters –  even the Oprah Winfrey Network! Of course the Canadian media covered the story as well. What struck me … Read more