Just another week

by H+K Canada

January 28, 2011

Just another week

Some of my colleagues are very good at giving their twitter followers a constant snapshot of their life on a daily, sometimes even on an hourly basis. I have not mastered that ‘discipline’ yet. But as I have a few hours to kill on my flight back from Calgary I thought I would share with … Read more

The Revolution Will be Tweeted

(Originally posted at www.boydneil.com) The evidence continues to stack up that the social web can be the midwife of political change. The dissident blogger Slim Amamou is now tweeting from inside the Tunisian cabinet. Having played a major role in the ‘revolution’ itself, he is using Twitter to post comments on progress to word greater … Read more

Why values matter

Recently, I was faced with one of those decisions leaders of consulting companies hate to make – to pitch or not to pitch existing business.  Usually, these decisions are dependent upon your determination of the skill set of your team, where the prospect fits in your business strategy, and, of course, whether the value is … Read more

Blogging is Dead – Long Live Blogging

I was going to post my own comments on the false notion that blogging is dead based on this piece from a week or so ago at Mashable, as have dozens of others. But Kimberly Turner writing at The Regator Blog (that’s not her in the pic) has taken up the cause with more effect … Read more