SEO Done Right

by H+K Canada

February 16, 2011

SEO Done Right

The controversy surrounding a New York Times expose of alleged ‘black hat’ SEO practices by a large U.S retailer raises the question of what it means to do ethical SEO. [If the retailer has released a statement about its point of view, a Google search doesn’t find it easily:)] The answer is not all that … Read more

Protests – The Confidence to Act

There is a type of “critic” who in the face of significant social movements likes to play the role of cynic and doubter, throwing cold water on prevailing ideas. The best of them, like Andrew Keen, delight in the role of curmudgeon and do so with a kind of tongue in cheek bravura that helps … Read more

Twitter – The New Lobbying Channel?

As Twitter usage by politicians increases, so too are interests groups, lobbyists and journalists starting to use the channel to engage politicians. This is entirely legitimate. After all, if politicians use Twitter to get their message out, they will have to be ‘on receive’ as well as ‘transmit’ if followers are to take their use … Read more

What’s in a Vision

A group of about 40 of our senior staff from across the country recently came together to war game our company’s three year goal. Using Jim Collins methodology for defining Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) we wanted to develop something that was lasting and inspirational. What we came up with was that in three years … Read more