Do Canadians trust Stephen Harper with a majority government?

by H+K Canada

April 29, 2011

Eastern ambitions – the view from Atlantic Canada

The national story heading into the federal election campaign’s final stretch is the NDP surge flowing from Jack Layton’s strong performance in the debates, particularly in Quebec, the fading of the Liberals, and the Conservatives coming just within range of a possible majority. With a possible majority in reach, every seat counts, and both Conservative … Read more

Thinking about next time

There are still two weeks before Canadians go to the polls, but thinking further ahead to the NEXT election, there are at least four changes to the way elections are run in this country that should be made. Shorten the writ. The last time the elections act was amended the minimum length of time for … Read more

The Campaign in Quebec

The striking thing about the election so far in Quebec is that nothing is really changing. If anything changes at all, it could be that the Bloc increases its number of seats by two or three. The Conservatives are having a tough time keeping their present seats, the Liberals are having an even tougher time … Read more

Iggy “didn’t get the job done”

Going into last night’s Leaders’ debate Michael Ignatieff had everything to gain and very little to lose.  His personal levels of support were in the low teens.  Expectations were low and for an accomplished debater it should have been all upside for him. Unfortunately for Mr. Ignatieff, comparative overnight polling done by Ipsos shows that … Read more

Battleground Ontario

Because Ontario has more than a third of the seats in the House of Commons, for a political party, forming government has always been contingent on winning Ontario.  While most polls show the Conservatives with a commanding national lead, they also show a tightening race in Ontario. Since merging the Progressive Conservative Party and Canadian … Read more