Pulling glocalization together

by H+K Canada

June 29, 2011

Pulling glocalization together

Today we are largely a local firm.  A brief scan of our current prospect list on a global basis shows that 76 per cent of our current leads involve single offices, 11 per cent involve multiple offices in one country and the balance are split equally between multi-country, regional and global. If we look at … Read more

Three parties at H+K for Ontario election panel event

This morning the Toronto PA team, hosted a pre-Ontario election event at our office that included a panel discussion with MPPs from each of the political parties.  We were delighted to welcome Howard Hampton, former leader of the NDP, Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman (Thornhill) and David Zimmer, MPP (Willowdale) for the Liberal Party. The … Read more

Technology Stuff

(originally published at www.boydneil.com) I was asked today to talk about any ‘new’ social web assets that the organization I was meeting with should consider. It’s a common question from clients and colleagues alike. Partly it’s a function of curiosity and partly I think a belief there is a social web object somewhere that will … Read more

Canada’s Startup Landscape – Alive and Well?

Mark MacLeod, General Partner with Real Ventures, and Danny Robinson, co-founder of Strutta, weighed in on Canada’s startup landscape on a Q and A moderated by Mark Evans, co-founder of Mesh. The audience was very engaged, with a wide range questions coming in fast from the live audience and the Twittersphere. Danny and Mark agreed that barriers are tumbling … Read more

Building social media to support success

Meshwest’s marketing panel – Leigh Himel, owner of Gravity Ltd.; Greg Hounslow, Emerging Media Advisor at WestJet, and Sarah Dickinson, SVP, Strategy at Blast Radius – agreed on one key point: Where social media is concerned, silence is definitely not golden. During a crisis, you need to act quickly – even if only to say “we’re on it and … Read more

The changing face of globalization

Last week senior Hill+Knowlton practioner’s from around the world gathered in Los Angeles for as summit on global leadership. I was struck not only by the talent in the room but by the goodwill that was evident. People wanted to break down barriers to growth and be part of this powerful globalization trend. Globalization has … Read more

It’s all about “glocalization”

If globalization is the dominant business trend, the cross currents I talked about in my last post are starting to create a re-think on where the future is headed.  Some, like Jeff Rubin have suggested that with the rise in energy prices, the world is about to get a lot smaller as transportation costs move … Read more