Of Dashboards and Videos

by H+K Canada

July 20, 2011

Of Dashboards and Videos

(Originally published at www.boydneil.com) In my sometimes frustrating effort to stay on top of new social web technologies, I’ve come across a few more that could have value for enterprise social web teams. As more organizations move beyond the single-Twitter-and-Facebook account stage, their community managers come up against the problem of managing a bunch of … Read more

Long terms trends for PR

Summer is often a good time to reflect on the long-term direction of our business.  George Friedman offered some interesting insights in his recent book “The Next Decade” that I think relate directly to the public relations business.  The book focuses on US foreign policy and identifies four trends that will govern politics and business … Read more

Hill & Knowlton Canada strengthens Alberta operations

Toronto, ON – July 20, 2011 – Mike Coates, president and CEO of Hill & Knowlton Canada, the country’s #1 rated public relations and public affairs firm, today announced the promotion of two of the company’s leaders in Alberta. Lisa Walker has been promoted to general manager, Alberta, overseeing the company’s Calgary and Edmonton offices.  … Read more

Balancing Foreign Investment and Protectionist Sentiment

Earlier today my colleague Goldy Hyder published a column in the Ottawa Citizen extolling the benefits of foreign investment and calling upon the Federal Government to adopt three of the main recommendations of the ‘Red Wilson’s “Compete to Win”’ report. These recommendations included raising the threshold for reviewable transactions to a billion in enterprise value, … Read more

Google+ is – Well – a Plus

(Originally published at www.boydneil.com) Boy do social web natives draw the knives quickly when it comes to Google and Facebook. Google+ hasn’t even launched yet but the judgments have come in short order. Right off the bat I want to ask the question Could we be sacrificing reflection, analysis and context simply for speed? But … Read more

A Perspective on the Future

After my last three posts on globalization, I had planned to move on from the topic.  But after finishing Jeff Rubin’s “Why Your World Is About To Get a Whole Lot Smaller”, I am inspired to write one more post! Rubin’s thesis is that globalization has been built on cheap oil, which has allowed western … Read more

The “Martin Principle”

Friends & Colleagues, Over 10 years ago, I started showing friends and clients a chart of the progression of enlightened public awareness from 1960 to what was then the turn of the century: Of course, this was before 750 million people worldwide joined Facebook and long before I stumbled onto the notion that we are … Read more