Would Goebbels Have Liked the Web?

by H+K Canada

August 25, 2011

Would Goebbels Have Liked the Web?

(Originally published at www.boydneil.com) You bet. In a review of Evgeny Morozov’s The Net Delusion and A. Ross Johnson’s Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, James Murphy in the Times Literay Supplement (July 8, 2011) writes: Tools of mass connectivity may empower the multitude, but Goebbels, who knew a lot about crowds, would have welcomed … Read more

Overcoming the global penalty

Are multinational companies stronger than those with smaller geographic footprints? Not according to McKinsey. In its July quarterly report, McKinsey says multinationals pay a penalty for global reach in terms of “critical dimensions of organizational health” – direction setting, co-ordination and control, innovation & influencing external stakeholders. The data to support this conclusion came from … Read more

A Lobbyist Icon

A giant in his profession, H+K’s former world wide chairman Howard Pastor died last week in Baltimore. Howard was a friend and role model of mine. He appointed me CEO of H+K in Canada, and stood by me through my first couple of years of problems and instability. While Howard’s counsel was always respected, I … Read more

Gathering of the Clans….

Last week I once again attended Frank McKenna’s Annual Golf Networking Tournament at Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia. This “gathering of the clans” features ‘anyone who is anyone’ in Maritime business along with a few of us Maritimers who are making careers ‘from away’. In addition to the opportunity to connect with very successful business leaders … Read more

The Power of Jack

This week’s news about Jack Layton’s latest and obviously threatening bout with cancer shocked the nation. Certainly anyone who follows politics cannot help but to be impressed with his courage and determination to continue his battle while planning to return as the NDP leader this fall. It did not take too long however before the … Read more

Jack’s Perspective: Democratization

Friends & Colleagues, For years, I have been fascinated by the relationship between the public and legislative bodies, both the U.S. Congress and those at the state level. What has particularly amazed me is how often very intelligent people feel compelled to ask elected officials for permission to advance their agenda as opposed to first … Read more