Meshwest’s next Western stop – Edmonton, October 4th

by H+K Canada

September 28, 2011

Meshwest’s next Western stop – Edmonton, October 4th

EDMONTON, September 28, 2011 – Canada’s leading Web conference, mesh, will be moving into Edmonton on October 4 at the Shaw Conference Centre. Like mesh, meshwest will focus on providing insight and stimulating conversations around four streams – media, society, marketing and business. Led by opinion leaders and entrepreneurs, meshwest will provide the opportunity to … Read more

The Great Debate?

Tomorrow night’s televised debate offers Ontario’s three political party leaders their first and only chance to speak directly to potential voters prior to next week’s October 6th provincial election. Debates have given candidates the opportunity to seize victory from the jaws of certain defeat – or to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. … Read more

Close race will make this debate worth watching

While many have opined about the value and tedious format of the televised leaders debate, one thing remains certain:  people (other than those who are involved in it every day) pay little attention to the election until the night of the debate. The period from debate night until the polls open is when people start … Read more

End of an era

You know your career is well along when people you’ve worked with start retiring.  This week Lowell Murray, retired from the senate at the mandated age of 75. “The Senator”, as those of us who once worked for him fondly called him, retired quietly on Sunday without all of the normal tributes that mark the … Read more

Oh, did I forget to ask?

The good thing about the forthcoming provincial election is that it allows everyone to play in the “blood sport” and voice their opinion. Political pundits, media commentators, editorial boards and just about everyone who has a taste for the game brings an insight or view to some part of the election process. Each new poll … Read more

Hill & Knowlton Canada drives business growth through management changes

Toronto, ON – September 20, 2011 – Mike Coates, president and CEO of Hill & Knowlton Canada, the country’s top-rated public relations and public affairs firm according to Ipsos- Reid, today announced new roles in the company’s practice leadership. Kadi Kaljuste, a senior vice president who has been the agency’s national service leader for marketing … Read more

Nine day election campaign?

The province of Ontario’s motto, translated into English, is: Loyal she began, thus she remains. For the duration of the current provincial campaign, we should consider changing that motto to “Election? What Election?” While many of Ontario’s 13 million residents know that an election is underway, many also don’t seem to care.  After two municipal, … Read more

Will healthcare sway the election?

Today’s Leger Marketing poll, as well as a recent Nanos poll, both confirmed that healthcare continues to rank as the number one campaign issue for Ontarians. Yet, up until now, there has been very little attention given to the issue by the parties and the media.  That is about to change. Today, the Ontario Liberals … Read more

Parsing Federal priorities as Parliament returns

Toronto, ON, September 19, 2011 – Hill & Knowlton latest edition of InfoQuick looks at the return of Stephen Harper’s majority conservative government. Hill & Knowlton Canada’s offices in Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto provide ongoing communications regarding issues within the provincial and federal legislatures.

High standards should apply to everyone

Bloggers should have been closely tracking a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling around expressing opinion on the social web. The case revolved around a suit brought by John Baglow, a former public service alliance executive, who claimed to have been defamed when bloggers on called him, “one of the Taliban’s most vocal supporters.” Coming … Read more