Activist Apologies – An Oxymoron?

by H+K Canada

October 28, 2011

Activist Apologies – An Oxymoron?

(Originally published at Apologies have become the norm for companies after committing some sort of indiscretion, harm to the environment or causing individuals to be hurt or inconvenienced. (This in spite of their lawyers often counseling them against doing so.) And this is how it should be since an apology, if done with sincerity, … Read more

Google Map Maker & How We Communicate

When we think of mapmaking, it seems like a specific skill that’s very tangible and fact-based, whereas when we think about the kind of content that has been developed through Wikis or online collaboration, there’s always been a concern about the validity of that information and where it comes from. What Google Map Maker says … Read more

Is Canada a global leader in corporate social responsibility?

At the Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) 9th Annual Summit, one expert panel session evaluated Canada’s CSR image abroad. Canadians are seen as nice and polite, the panelists said, but Canada is not viewed as a leader in environmental sustainability or corporate social performance on a global scale. Mark Lee, executive director of San … Read more

A global pattern?

Earlier this summer, the BBC interviewed Darcus Howe, a West Indian writer and broadcaster. The interview, which was subsequently posted to YouTube, focused on the UK August riots and Howe’s thoughts on what happened in Croydon, a working-class suburb outside of London.  He laid the blame for the riots on growing income inequity and unfair … Read more

McGuinty names smaller cabinet to focus on jobs and the economy

Hill & Knowlton’s latest InfoQuick discusses how Premier Dalton McGuinty introduced a leaner provincial cabinet that will focus on the economy and job creation. In a groundbreaking first, Dalton McGuinty announced his cabinet online via Twitter before it had been sworn in. Hill & Knowlton Canada’s offices in Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto provide ongoing … Read more

PR Corporate Survey 2011 – Trends in Communications

As information travels faster, reducing response lead times, the pervading ambition among those leading corporate communications is to flatten and centralize their teams. The 2011 PRWeek/Hill & Knowlton Corporate Survey examines this and other trends including does corporate communications have a ‘seat at the table’ at the earliest stages of important discussions. See the full … Read more

Crisis management – stimulus as a last resort

National Post, 10 October 2011 For too long, too many countries have behaved irresponsibly, trying to be all things to all people, producing societies dependent on government programs. Such policies have brought their economies to the brink of bankruptcy. Sadly, in today’s interconnected global society, the mistakes of some countries will necessarily impact us all. … Read more

Ontario Election Results & Analysis

After a very tight race, Ontario voters elected a Liberal minority government, with Premier Dalton McGuinty holding on to his seat and the Premiership.  This is Ontario’s first minority government since 1985 and McGuinty is expected to govern on an issue-by-issue basis, having to prove he has confidence of the house on key votes such … Read more


54 – The ‘magic number’ required for a majority 52 – Number of years since a government last secured three consecutive majorities 100 – Years since a Liberal premier last secured a third term 26 – Number of years it’s been since last minority government in Ontario 30 – Number of times I refreshed my … Read more

Ontario Election – Summary of Platforms

H&K Toronto’s Public Affairs team has created a matrix that shows, at-a-glance, each party’s position on major issues including energy, infrastructure, healthcare, business, agriculture, the environment and education.