A Tight Race – 2011 Ontario Provincial Election

by H+K Canada

October 5, 2011

A Tight Race – 2011 Ontario Provincial Election

With constantly fluctuating polls indicating a tight race between the incumbent Liberals, the PCs and the NDP, it still remains anyone’s guess as to who will form the next government in Ontario. We have been surprised in the past, like with the NDP majority in 1990, and will likely be faced with surprises come Friday … Read more

Fall 2011 Speech from the Throne

Hill & Knowlton’s Infoquick looks at the fall Speech from the Throne, the first under the premiership of Christy Clark. Hill & Knowlton Canada’s offices in Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa and Toronto provide ongoing communications regarding issues within the provincial and federal legislatures.

The new investment reality

There is nothing like economic uncertainty for practical reality to trump political ideology. That’s just what we witnessed last week during Prime Ministers Harper’s interview with Bloomberg. The Prime Minister made it clear that any further attempts to “liberalize” foreign investment in Canada would not come at the expense of head offices and jobs. “As … Read more

Turning start-ups into successes

The Edmonton stop on the Meshwest tour got off to a great start this morning, focusing on transforming start-ups into successful businesses. Ali Asaria, CEO and Founder of Well.ca, a now-successful online health and beauty store, kicked things off in an intimate Q&A about how he got started and how his company rose to the … Read more

Engaging the public online

Meshwest’s afternoon sessions started with a discussion about the possibilities of open data for citizen government. Panellists Ashley Casovan and Mack Male from the City of Edmonton spoke about how open data sets are starting to be used in ways that are useful to everyday citizens. Edmontonians, for example, now have access to a mobile … Read more

Weekend email trail – a political “running diary”

I recently started working at Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the Toronto public affairs department.  It’s a great professional environment that genuinely fosters positive dialogue and encourages healthy political debate. When it comes to elections, internal email banter at Hill+Knowlton is intelligent, thought-provoking and pretty spirited. (For anyone who has ever participated in an on-line fantasy football league, think … Read more