Google Dictates Headlines?

by H+K Canada

February 29, 2012

Google Dictates Headlines?

If you read today’s blog post by Amy Yen at Business Wire Dallas about news release headlines and search engine optimization (SEO), maybe you’re as stunned as I am. Turns out that as seasoned PR pros, we’re not doing a very good job of maximizing those ever-important media impression numbers for which our clients clamour. … Read more

Harper budget to stress economic growth

[I bumped into Joe Thornley the other night on his way back from a social media conference in New York.  And, he mentioned that he regularly reads my blog.  But, he told me I should be posting my articles in Canadian Business here, too.  So, thanks for the tip, Joe, and for proving me wrong … Read more

Is Canadian business awake?

In the world of public affairs, we make our living monitoring trends in government and interpreting how these trends impact our clients operations. Sadly, too often business is generally disinterested in all matters of government until a crisis arises or there is a direct impact on company operations. The “feds” have been sending out some pretty … Read more

Three Things Brands Should Know about Pinterest

Launched as a closed beta in March 2010, Pinterest is a lighthearted platform getting serious amounts of attention. They self describe as a Virtual Pinboard and their wonderfully simple interface is as intuitive as tacking postcards on a bulletin board or pasting images in a scrapbook. One of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2011, data from comScore shows Pinterest recently … Read more

H+K calls for Tougher Enforcement and Consistent Rules for Lobbyists

Today, H+K Strategies CEO, Mike Coates, and I appeared before the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics.  We take seriously the rules that govern our profession and the opportunity to provide recommendations to improve the Lobbying  Act.  The committee is charged with a five year review of the rules that govern lobbyists … Read more

Transparency has its limits

Yesterday, my colleague Elizabeth Roscoe and I appeared before the House of Commons ethics committee that is reviewing the Lobbying Act.  Our main message was that the Lobbying Commissioner needs greater enforcement powers to crack down on non-compliance with the Act and Lobbying Code of Conduct.  We at Hill+Knowlton Strategies just want everyone to live … Read more

H+K Strategies Calls for Tougher Enforcement and more Consistent Rules for Lobbyists

Submission shows Canada a leader in transparency & accountability Ottawa, ON – February 16, 2012 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada (H+K) today presented five recommendations to strengthen Canada’s Lobbying Act to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. The recommendations were made in Ottawa to the Committee undertaking a five year statutory review … Read more

Implications of the Drummond Report

Don Drummond today released 362 recommendations to help Ontario save money and reduce its deficit. Our team takes a look at those recommendations, sector by sector, and provides insights as to what to expect next at Queen’s Park.

Tales from the AGM

In Hill+Knowlton Toronto’s Public Affairs Group, we eat, sleep, and breathe politics. Email trails alternatively mock and praise – depending on your politics – the most minor of political decisions. Plans are made for team viewing parties of the latest political blockbuster. Caucus ‘Who’s who’ posters adorn cubicles like ‘Most Wanted’ lists at an OPP … Read more