Here and now with the National Post

by H+K Canada

April 26, 2012

Here and now with the National Post

Our Toronto office recently hosted a panel discussion with three guests from the National Post: Matt Hartley (FP Tech Desk), Dan Ovsey (FP Executive) and Nancy Truman (FP Entrepreneur). On the agenda were a range of topics, including updates on where the Canadian newspaper business is heading, how online journalism is changing the game and … Read more

H+K brings Canadian innovation and national communications to Regina

First national communications agency with an office in Saskatchewan Regina, SK – April 25, 2012 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) officially opened an office in Regina, Sask., today – a first for any national communications firm.  The office will focus on providing public affairs and communication services in the areas of natural resources, energy, environment, transportation, … Read more

Passing the Ontario budget

April 24, 2012, Toronto, ON – Ontario’s Liberal minority government will remain intact after the NDP abstained from voting on the budget, effectively supporting this latest amended version. Premier McGuinty’s government required support from the NDP after the Progressive Conservatives declared their intention to vote against the budget following its release last month. Here are … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Canada named agency of the year

With all of the creative and innovative work coming out of Canada’s top communications companies, it’s a standout achievement that public relations and public affairs firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies is recognized as the Canadian Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report. This comes on the heels of last week’s impressive ranking by the Great Place … Read more

PC wins majority in Alberta

April 24, 2012, Calgary, AB – Alison Redford’s Progressive Conservative government has been given another four years by Albertan voters, holding off a strong challenge from the upstart Wildrose Party and maintaining a majority in the province. Here are some initial thoughts from our team about what the PC victory means for Alberta and for Canada overall.

PCs come back in Alberta

Two weeks ago, I said that the Alberta election was Danielle Smith’s to lose. Well, last night, that’s what happened. In the last week of the campaign, Alison Redford stuck to her message of “real change” and Alberta voters shocked practically everyone by returning a majority PC government. You would think that what has happened … Read more

Directors, not shareholders, should dictate corporate strategy

The latest articleby David Peston, business editor of BBC News, on the dispute between Barclays and its institutional shareholders over executive compensation raises an interesting question. The dispute is centred on how executives, especially those on the investment banking side, are incented. Should bonus payments be based on return on equity or return on assets? … Read more

The Myths and Realities of Executive Compensation

This post was written by Jeff Smith, who is no longer with the company. In a recent blog post for the Harvard Business Review, Lucy Marcus (founder and CEO of Marcus Venture Consulting) made several important points on the topic of CEO compensation: – CEOs are the public face of their companies – CEOs and other … Read more

What the Alberta election means for energy policy

With less than a week to go before the April 23 Alberta election, the race has offered a clear choice between two visions of the role of the provincial government and the role of Alberta in Canada. Wildrose promises a more conservative Alberta with a smaller government and a greater orientation to the western part … Read more

Wildrose Victory Could Spell More Federal Reform

Some in Canadian business were concerned that the government had become very conservative after six years in power and could have made deeper cuts in last month’s budget. What is clear is that after six years in power, this government has learned that you win by governing from the centre, which is what they did … Read more