Alberta – It’s Smith’s Election to Lose

by H+K Canada

April 13, 2012

Alberta – It’s Smith’s Election to Lose

There is an adage among old hands at leaders’ debates that new leaders benefit just by showing up. Ironically, there were three new leaders in last night’s Alberta leaders’ debate. I thought all four leaders showed very well, in a well-organized, civilized exchange that didn’t get personal—despite the fireworks. For the first time in almost … Read more

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram brings talk of a tech bubble back to the blogosphere, but what does it mean for brands? I think it clearly reinforces the importance of visual story sharing. (And the determination of Facebook to remain the number one photo sharing site.) Plus, it reminds us that social platforms are now built … Read more

AB election – The campaign thus far

With the Alberta Election at its midpoint we thought we would share with you some of the more unusual incidents so far. The paint job on the Wildrose party’s bus featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Wildrose party tweeting an apology for what they called an ‘over the top press release’ but leave the release … Read more

High taxes a disincentive to work

Originally published in The Winnipeg Free Press, Saturday, April 7, 2012. At a time of continued concern about the federal deficit, it may seem strange to suggest the way to deal with rising retirement costs and looming labour shortages in Canada is for the federal government to collect less tax from workers. But unless we … Read more

What the Media Missed – Budgets on the Brain

As budgets in Quebec, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Ottawa were released over the last two weeks, Hill+Knowlton offices across the country went into overdrive to assess the impact on clients, stakeholders and Canadians at large. Columnists and pundits descended on the budgets, offering darts and laurels on big-ticket items like Quebec’s Plan Nord, Saskatchewan’s … Read more

Alberta Election Call – What is a win?

Politics in Alberta is ‘almost’ simple – forty years has taught us that Albertans will vote for conservatives and current polls tell us that won’t change. But which conservative party they will vote for? The ruling PC party and the Wildrose party are in a statistical dead heat based on current polls. From allegations of … Read more

Media Insight – Mike Coates is Canada’s King of the Hill

The spring issue of Advantage Magazine includes a piece on our CEO, Mike Coates, and success of the business he has built at Hill+Knowlton Canada. Click here for the full piece, which highlights the company, its rigorous planning cycles, and new pathways to growth.

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask for Employees’ Facebook Passwords

(This post originally appeared at So, employers think this is smart? A teacher’s aide in Michigan was let go from her job after a school administrator demanded that she turn over her Facebook password and she refused. The aide, Kimberly Hester, is preparing for a legal showdown with the school system. (Read the full … Read more