Maritime Union – an old idea whose time has come?

by H+K Canada

May 31, 2012

Maritime Union – an old idea whose time has come?

When the Maritimes were considering whether to become part of the Canadian Confederation in the 1860s, they had two viable options: form a Maritime Union to put themselves in a strong position for a later confederation with Upper and Lower Canada, or join the other colonies immediately. Largely for pragmatic reasons – Canada promised to … Read more

Making sense of how the world sees the world

Join CBSR and GlobeScan for a webinar on the annual Radar Research Program findings. How have recent global events shaped public opinion? How is your company and/or sector perceived? What is expected from corporate leaders? This infographic offers an advance preview of findings which will be discussed in a webinar featuring GlobeScan and CBSR on … Read more

Three things brands should know about Google+

Prior to our Demystifying Digital conferences, we survey our client delegates to measure interest in online platforms. Google+ always ranks in the top three results. Launched in June 2011, in the now familiar invite-only to build buzz mode, G+ opened up to everyone soon after. Brand pages were officially added in November 2011, although early adopter Ford famously got to keep their Page. Last month’s redesign and last … Read more

Reactions to the Lobbying Committee Report

Last week, the House of Commons Ethics Committee issued its final report on the five-year statutory review of the Lobbying Act. It looks like a number of Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ key recommendations were accepted. The most important was the deletion of the “20% rule”, which allowed former public office holders to lobby as corporate employees if … Read more

Are we putting too much clout in Klout?

A recent article on caused a flurry of online chatter about the relevance of Klout scores in both the online and offline worlds. The piece told the tale of a VP-level marketing exec whose job prospects were flagging because of his flimsy Klout score (he was at 34 when he clued in and ultimately … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies welcomes Jack Hughes

Brings Government Relations and Government Procurement Experience to H+K Ottawa, ON – May 22, 2012 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada, the country’s top-ranked PR and public affairs firm, is pleased to announce that Jack Hughes has joined its Ottawa Executive Group as Vice President. “Jack will be a strong addition to H+K Strategies,” says Goldy Hyder, Senior … Read more

Checking out the latest shopping trends

The modern shopping experience is in a state of constant evolution and a recent seminar co-hosted by The Store, WPP’s retail practice, and Kantar Retail revealed interesting trends within this evolution. The seminar focused on a study of American shoppers in lower (<$25K), middle ($25K-$84K) and upper ($85K+) household income brackets. The data was gleaned … Read more

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon is doing the right thing

The trading losses – potentially worth in excess of $2 billion – a result of mismanagement of a portfolio of derivatives, have already damaged JP Morgan Chase & Co’s bottom line, and led to the resignation of its Chief Investment Officer, Ina Drew. The damage likely won’t end there, as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) … Read more

One to watch – Viddy

With almost 30 million users and major buzz for closing a $30 million financing round, Viddy lets users take and share bite-sized videos of 15 seconds or less. Viddy was launched one year ago and gained attention for its celebrity backers like Jay-Z, and celebrity users like Snoop Dogg. Available free for the iPhone and iPad, it … Read more

Drive an SUV? You are likely voting BC Liberal on Tuesday

New BC Perspectives panel survey from Hill+Knowlton Strategies draws correlation between consumer preference and voting intention A new survey by Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) draws some interesting parallels between consumer preferences and potential voting outcomes for the upcoming British Columbia (BC) provincial election. The survey shows that British Columbians who drive SUVs and Crossovers have a … Read more