‘Communications’ and ‘Public Engagement’ – Synonym or Antonym?

by H+K Canada

October 31, 2012

‘Communications’ and ‘Public Engagement’ – Synonym or Antonym?

Has the word ‘engagement’ come to your attention lately? Perhaps you’ve been tasked with ‘engaging your stakeholders’ to get their feedback on a complex issue, or to develop a strategy to increase ‘employee engagement’. And perhaps you are wondering how, exactly, ‘engagement’ differs from what your communications team is already doing? Engagement, much like communications, … Read more

Mike Coates – large firms drive Canadian innovation

This article was originally published in Canadian Business on October 25, 2012. Big business-defined by Statistics Canada as any company with 500 employees or more-contributes 48% of Canada’s GDP, including 57% of the value of our exports, and has historically been the major driver of Canadian research and development. Statscan’s figures show that, before the … Read more

Premier hits pause and reset buttons simultaneously – Opportunities to help write the next scene

The old adage “politics is theatre” was confirmed this week in Ontario as Premier McGuinty resigned and prorogued the legislature. As a result, the first Ontario liberal leadership convention since 1996 looms. Moreover, while speculation of a spring election has been discussed for some time, the Premier’s move to hit the pause and reset buttons … Read more

Bill C-45, the Jobs and Growth Act, 2012

Changes to research and development tax credits, resource exploration and environmental regulations are just some of the notable elements of the second Budget Implementation Act. Introduced earlier today, Bill C-45, the Jobs and Growth Act, 2012, continues with the implementation of a number of the announcements contained in Budget 2012, as well as other previously … Read more

Setting the stage on competing visions for Ontario

October 15, 2012 – Today, Ontario finance minister Dwight Duncan presented the province’s 2012 fall economic statement to the legislature. The statement was light on details, but reconfirmed the government’s continued push for fiscal restraint in public-sector wages to balance the books. This was contrasted by both opposition parties, who presented their own visions for … Read more

Crisis response – how to best invest your time and money?

When it comes to crisis preparedness, companies are faced with a dilemma:  how much should be invested to prepare for an eventuality that has a low probability of occurring, but may have huge consequences?  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple as preparedness consists of many elements, all related and necessary to managing risk and responding successfully … Read more

Q+A – Globe and Mail’s Steve Ladurantaye

+1 Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest? I use Twitter for work. But for it to be of any use, I find I need to dedicate about two hours a day toward cultivating my feed and engaging with sources and readers. I don’t spend that much time everyday, but I think that’s about how much is needed … Read more