Passing the test

by H+K Canada

February 25, 2014

Passing the test

Here is an article from our national crisis preparedness lead Vlad Grigore that proposes companies take a different approach to testing emergency preparedness. This piece was originally published at on January 29, 2014. Emergency preparedness is a funny business. We plan and think and practice and train, getting ready to do a job that … Read more

H+K Ottawa’s Jackie King recognized at WCT Annual Awards

Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) announced that Jackie King, general manager of the Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) office in Ottawa, is an Annual Awards recipient. These awards recognize individual and corporate leadership that improves women’s achievements in Canada’s growing digital landscape. Award winners must embody and celebrate excellence, innovation and show a willingness to push … Read more

2014 BC budget – Instant analysis

Overview Today, BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong presented the second consecutive balanced budget of Premier Christy Clark’s government. In recognition that the budget contains few surprises or new measures, Minister de Jong labeled the budget a “Triple B” budget, meaning it is a Boring Balanced Budget. He said that this budget, and the two forecasts … Read more

Ontario by-elections – Analysis and next steps

Ontario by-election results Thornhill PC – 48 per cent Liberal – 42 per cent NDP – 7 per cent Niagara Falls NDP – 39 per cent PC – 37 per cent Liberal – 19 per cent On February 13th, Ontario had two by-elections in Thornhill and Niagara Falls. The PC Party held on to their seat … Read more

Q+A – Mara Gulens, editor of CPA Canada

+1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?  I’m a bit of a social media junkie and when I occasionally go offline for a digital detox, I truly know nothing. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are where I find out what’s new and relevant, and what people in the know … Read more

2014 federal budget – Instant analysis

Overview In a short budget speech, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did not deviate from the Conservative government’s focus on prudent economic management. The minister delivered on the commitment to deliver a balanced budget, with a $2.9-billion projected deficit for 2014-15 and a projected surplus of $6.4 billion for 2015-16.  Major new expenditures were funded through … Read more

Hyder on "Rewards of Risk"

Goldy Hyder recently spoke to a group of young professionals at an event hosted by the Ottawa chapter of the Young Canadians in Finance (YCIF). The focus of Goldy’s talk was how taking risks can help shape your career and ultimately your entire life. A full transcript of Goldy’s speech can be found below. The … Read more

Defence procurement strategy – a paradigm shift

The Minister of Public Works, supported by the Ministers of National Defence, Industry, and International Trade, is in the process of introducing the new Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS), which will usher in the most wide-ranging reform to Canada’s defence and Industrial Benefit policies and processes that this generation has seen. Execution of these reforms is … Read more

Five principles for managing a PR disaster

Our Alberta general manager Lisa Walker recently spoke to Alberta Venture magazine to offer some perspectives on how to best manage communications in a time on crisis. Here is a copy of the article that shares Lisa’s insights. This piece originally ran at on February 1, 2014. Ka-boom! It happened. It doesn’t really matter … Read more