Week Four on the Ontario election trail

by H+K Canada

May 30, 2014

Week Four on the Ontario election trail

IS A DOMINANT THEME STILL RELEVANT WHEN SILLY SEASON STARTS? In a race as tight as the 2014 Ontario election, at some point the channel changes away from deliberate campaign plans and things get nutty. In Ontario’s case, the past couple of days have borne out that shift. A secret loan bailout scandal. Accusations of … Read more

Q+A – Vanessa Milne, freelance journalist

Vanessa Milne is a freelance journalist who recently joined the Healthy Debate team as a researcher/writer. Follow her on Twitter @VanessaMilne +1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?  I follow my favourite newspapers and magazines through Facebook and Twitter, as well as a ton of experts and journalists. … Read more

Is it just too easy to click?

Every three to four months or thereabouts, a social movement takes off on Facebook or Twitter and pundits and social scientists begin another round of questioning about what digital activism accomplishes at the end of the day. The #BringBackOurGirls campaign to encourage action on the kidnapping of 276 school girls by Boko Haram terrorists in … Read more

So you want to work in public affairs?

It’s that time of year when university graduates across Canada are crossing the stage at convocation with newly minted degrees in hand. Like every year, there are thousands of students graduating – and this means vigorous competition for internships and jobs. As a recent grad and relatively new PA consultant at H+K, I’m keen to … Read more

Ontario election – Northern leaders debate

With seventeen days remaining before the June 12th Ontario election, the Northern leaders debate between Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne was an opportunity for two of the three party leaders to have a dry run for the planned June 3rd debate. But Tim Hudak’s absence coupled with the question and answer format (read: no real … Read more

Week Three on the Ontario election trail

BATTLEGROUND ONTARIO: WHERE THE THREE POLITICAL PARTIES ARE EACH LOOKING TO GAIN SEATS AND ARE DUKING IT OUT, ELECTION STYLE. Current Seat Count: 21 Additional Seats Required for Majority: 33 Regions that Provide the Best Opportunity for More Seats: The North and Southwest. Why: In this campaign there are (at least) two Ontarios. One in downtown … Read more

Ontario election – Inside a local election campaign

Politics and political campaigns have become a staple in mainstream entertainment. Whether on House of Cards, Scandal or The Good Wife, political campaigns are regularly featured in primetime television. While not as glamorous as portrayed on television, real-life local campaigns play an important part in deciding which party wins or loses an election. None of … Read more

10 to follow – Media on the move

J-Source  recently published an original infographic, which depicts changes in the Canadian media landscape as a non-stop game of musical chairs. For PR experts, up-to-the-second knowledge of media shifts is important—not only for career development but also to ensure we’re always adding value for clients. Wherever Canadian media personalities land, their Twitter profiles are a constant … Read more

Organized labour and the Ontario election

United against a common enemy, but do they have a common hero? With the provincial election advertising blackout lifted as of last night at midnight, it likely won’t be long before you see an ad from the Working Families Coalition – a coalition of members of the labour movement – asking voters to ‘stop Tim … Read more

Community management in 2014

Over the past three to four years, the role of community manager has become central to organizations that actively use the social web for marketing, fundraising or campaign building. The traditional definition of a community manager is someone who represents an organization on the social web either using its own social assets like Facebook, Instagram or Google+, … Read more