H+K Canada brings home PROMO! GOLD

by H+K Canada

September 29, 2015

H+K Canada brings home PROMO! GOLD

It’s always an honour to be recognized by our industry and peers for the innovative work that we do for our clients. But it’s especially satisfying when recognition comes from competitive disciplines for work we do that’s considered “outside of the traditional PR box.” Amidst a very competitive category, H+K Canada clinched a gold win for … Read more

Crisis management and the election

For those interested in issues and crisis management best practices, this impossibly long federal election has provided a very instructive lens that’s equally relevant for private and public sector environments. Issues management, as the words suggest, begins with an assessment of what puts the enterprise at risk. One hopes all federal parties have a playbook … Read more

National security issues matter, but not equally

This week, Chinese President Xi Jinping will make his first state visit to the United States, meeting with President Barack Obama Not only is this likely to be the most important summit between these two leaders, it’s also likely to be one where the serious fractures between both countries over cyber security will emerge. Unlike … Read more

Canadians are…tuned in?

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this election. The sustained three-way race is fascinating and begs the obvious question: Will our political landscape remain frozen, or will it begin to thaw as we move closer to Election Day? I think once the cadence of campaign ads increases and Election Day comes into … Read more

The leaders and the CBC interview

We’re rounding the corner on this long election. And with the end in sight, it’s hard to believe the parties have been campaigning for more than 50 days now. Every day or so, a new poll comes out showing the major parties frozen in a three-way race—only a few percentage points from where things started … Read more

#Elxn42 emojis you wish you had

Democracy is important—profoundly so. On its best days, it inspires and connects people. But there are a lot of other days that aren’t so compelling. Election campaigns can be long. Important? Yes. But long. And this election campaign is the longest in the last century. You know what else is long? Political speeches. Policy platforms. … Read more

#Elxn42 third-party groups mobilizing for change

It’ll be interesting to watch the impact of third-party groups seeking to influence voters and party platforms over the course of this election. As decision-makers in government and business are called upon to demonstrate genuine public support for policies and projects, third-party public engagement efforts provide us with insights into the changing world of public … Read more

A new era of engagement

With the middle of September upon us, the federal election campaign is moving into full swing. In C-suites across the country, corporate executives are mapping out all of the possible post-election scenarios and their effects; this is a time-honoured practice that has taken place for as long as there have been elections. While history might … Read more

H+K Election Quarterback

Once again, H+K is encouraging politicos from across the country to try their hand at predicting an election—from the riding level up. Whether a first-time voter or a PA-aficionado, Canadians can predict candidate wins, vote splits and seat projections by using our interactive Election Quarterback. As we continue down the campaign trail, we’ll see even more … Read more