Senior Digital Advocacy Strategist Soren Dayton Joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Washington

by H+K United States

November 19, 2015

Senior Digital Advocacy Strategist Soren Dayton Joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Washington

WASHINGTON — Hill+Knowlton Strategies has added Soren Dayton, an experienced digital communications and public affairs strategist, to the agency’s Washington, D.C., office as a senior vice president.  “Soren brings a diverse background in digital strategies, strategic communications and public affairs that will be the perfect complement to our cutting-edge digital and social offerings,” said Ellen … Read more

Perspectives on Ontario’s Fall Economic Statement

On November 26, Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa delivered the 2015 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review. This ‘mini-budget’ is a mid-year update of the provincial government’s 2015-16 fiscal performance and is an opportunity for the Minister to provide important policy updates and introduce new initiatives. Having said that, there was very little new policy … Read more

Canadian photographers on Instagram

Wanderlust. Animals. Food. Love. Thanks to smartphones, anyone can document the moments of life through a lens and share it with the world—admittedly, some of us do it with more artistic flare. Whether it’s a trained photographer who shares stunning works of art through an Instagram channel, or an iPhone junkie who’s a serial shoot-and-post … Read more

Canadian perspectives on cyber security and defence priorities

It’s been a few weeks now since Canadians sent a clear signal to Ottawa and elected a new majority Liberal government. In the weeks since, we have reflected on some of the topical ballot-box issues—among them cyber security and defence priorities. We knew the new government would put thought into the outward projection of Canadian … Read more

Social hieroglyphics – The emoji evolution

Is the art of communication dead? As communication professionals, we sure hope not; but to make sure, we turned to our H+K Perspectives panel—a diverse 20,000-strong Canadian research community—to explore how texting and messaging are changing the communication landscape and how we connect with one another. As it turns out, communication is alive and well. … Read more

It doesn’t matter who won the election

Before the ‘mother of all Canadian elections’ began, a client asked me who I thought would win, and what that would mean for their organization. My answer was: “It doesn’t matter.” I meant it. To be clear, my answer was not a cynical attempt to denigrate or trivialize our government system—nor was it intended to … Read more

The synergy of knowledge

“The synergy of knowledge.” Those four words, scrawled across the chalkboard on the first day of my grade nine science class, formed the basis for four years of science instruction and—come to think of it—an enduring worldview that values curiosity and tangential thinking as the basis for creativity. It’s stuck with me. The concept, described … Read more

Q+A with Annie Bergeron-Oliver, Reporter

This interview was conducted before the election. Annie is an on-air television reporter with CTV Ottawa. Prior to joining the number one local station in Ottawa, Annie was a parliamentary affairs reporter for iPolitics in Ottawa, Canada. There she received more than 460 bylines. Annie holds a master’s in journalism from the Columbia School of … Read more