Is AthensLive the Future of News?

by Jack Martin

Global Chairman, CEO
May 26, 2016

Is AthensLive the Future of News?

We look to Greece’s history for the template of modern democracy. Are we about to look to modern Greece to find a new template for the future of independent news? In 2013, The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, the Greek equivalent of PBS or the BBC, was shut down as part of general austerity measures in response … Read more

Hiking the GST – What does the public think?

Originally published in Policy Options on May 5, 2016 Over the last few months, our national media have been keeping score as the Liberal government unwinds former prime minister Stephen Harper’s policies. The list is long – the return of the long-form census, the expedited settlement of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, the commitment to … Read more

Politics and Campaign Veteran Travis Considine Joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies in Austin

Travis Considine

AUSTIN, Texas, May 12, 2016—Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is pleased to announce that it has hired Travis Considine as a vice president in its public affairs operation in Austin. Considine will serve under the leadership of General Manager Merrill Davis, a 23-year veteran of the H+K family. “Travis’ reputation as a quality communicator in Texas and … Read more

Producing and selling marijuana in Canada

Hill+Knowlton hosted stakeholders with interest in discussing the politics of marijuana legalization. Our panel of experts included: Ivan Ross Vrana, Senior Associate and long-time medical marijuana consultant; Sarah Bain, Vice-President and political pundit; and, Elliott Gauthier, Vice-President and National Director of Research and Analytics. The event was an opportunity for stakeholders who are actively engaged … Read more

Senior appointments solidify H+K Quebec’s growth position

Effective May 16, 2016, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada (H+K) is consolidating its strengths and further integrating its services to continue the momentum in its Quebec-based offices. Isabelle Verreault has been appointed general manager for Quebec, overseeing both the Montreal and Quebec City offices. Layering onto H+K’s strategic acquisition of public engagement company Acertys, which Isabelle co-founded, … Read more