The ‘social licence’ myth

by H+K Canada

October 5, 2016

The ‘social licence’ myth

Original post published by the National Post on October 4, 2016. The term “social licence” is fast becoming one of those ubiquitous expressions that everyone uses, but nobody understands. To some, social licence is a shield used to defend the public interest. To others, it is a sword used to strike down specific infrastructure projects or other … Read more

Can Content Marketing Succeed Without Clickbait? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Sunset Parachute

Who hasn’t been taken in by clickbait? You’re scrolling through Facebook, and all of a sudden you see it—a headline that makes bold, vague claims about what you’re about to click on. You’ll never believe it. You’ll be shocked. You will never look at this thing the same way again. When you get to the … Read more

Brand Superheroes: Finding Your Power and Purpose

Original story posted here.  “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben SPIDERMAN IS THE WALL CRAWLER. Superman is the Man of Steel. The Hulk has extraordinary size and strength; Black Widow is an expert assassin; and Aquaman can, um…well he can talk to fish (yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but … Read more

M&A Icebergs Ahead: Public Opinion, Regulatory Enforcement, and Communications Strategy

Public skepticism of big business and increased regulatory scrutiny of merger transactions have emerged as significant threats to large M&A deals. This risk is particularly evident following a string of regulatory decisions that have upset several major announced deals this year. In April 2016, the Treasury Department adopted new regulations related to so-called tax inversions, … Read more

The Fifth Seat Belongs to the Data-Savvy

Data today is revolutionizing how we think. The executives in the C-suite of every firm are charged with making the tough decisions that guide companies to success or bring them out of crisis, and they’re well compensated for their trouble. But they don’t make those decisions on their own. Rather, they seek the advice of … Read more

One year later – lessons observed from the Trudeau campaign for Canadian business

In the early morning of October 20, 2015, many people were astonished by the success of Justin Trudeau’s campaign in Québec. Would it not be interesting if you could replicate such a victory within your organisation? In my opinion, there is a parallel to draw between this political achievement and businesses operating in Québec. For … Read more

BC’s political “Who’s Who” of Twitter – 2016 update

With provincial politicians getting ready to run for re-election in 2017, H+K Strategies thought it would be a good time to update our “Who’s Who” of Twitter list. H+K Strategies has ranked the top social media leaders to follow. From the halls of the legislature in Victoria to all corners of B.C., these 10 journalists … Read more

Three Events This Week That Are Changing The World

Here’s a quick look at how strategic communications shifted the balance of power between governments and their publics at three flash points on three continents this week. 1. The Hungarian Refugee Referendum The people of Hungary voted this week on whether to comply with the E.U.’s decree that they accept refugees fleeing to Europe from … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Michael Coates to Retire

The Americas President and CEO will serve as Global Vice Chairman until retirement in 2017. NEW YORK – Hill+Knowlton Strategies today announced that Americas President and CEO Michael Coates will be stepping into a Global Vice Chairman role, focusing on strategic clients and new business growth in Canada until retiring from the firm next year. Effective … Read more

Cyber series – red teaming

What is red teaming? It’s a new technique used by cyber security experts to simulate realistic cyber-attacks. These highly genuine exercises helps companies effectively measure their current security policies and procedures. But how does “red teaming” differ from a traditional penetration test? Why can it be beneficial to an organization? What are you to do … Read more