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by H+K Global

January 4, 2017

Urban infrastructure renewal in the era of social acceptability

Virtually non-existent until just a few years ago, the concept of “social acceptability” is well on its way to becoming a key condition of implementing any new project in a region. Many people no longer see managers and decision-makers as the only arbiters of public policy. Citizens and special interest groups believe that their consent … Read more

To consult or not to consult?

The Trudeau government came into power just over a year ago. A momentous occasion and the first time in history the third party was elected to power. Smitten by sunny ways and a desire for change, Canadians saw themselves in a leader that seemed to understand their struggles and their dreams for a better Canada. … Read more

Brexit Details Raise the Prospect for More Job Exits in Financial Services

The UK’s exit from the single market is giving many of those working in financial services, particularly those in managerial or regulatory roles, sleepless nights. The loss of financial passporting rights for London is the greatest risk to London’s place at the centre of the financial world in living memory. Theresa May’s speech about the … Read more

10 Mentors You Need In Your Life

One thing I’ve learned running a formal mentoring program for the past two years is that people have wildly different expectations about mentors and mentorship. Some want a single individual who will be there to guide them from the day they get their first business card to the day they get their proverbial gold watch. … Read more

Trump 45: Mood in America and Mexico

Today, Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. President Trump, who prior to his new political life was better known as being a businessman and a reality TV star, hardly fits the traditional mold for American presidents—or for any American politician, for that matter. His campaign was … Read more

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Lasting Mentoring Connections

Even though H+K’s Global Virtual Mentoring Program is a six-month program, we’ve found that many pairs continue connecting for months – even years – after their sessions. One example of this lasting mentoring connection is Aurelie Marchand, Account Supervisor, Paris, and Jenn Capps, Senior Account Supervisor, Washington, D.C., who have continued connecting four years later. This mentoring program … Read more

Global Virtual Mentoring Program

We strive to create more connections between employees across the global network, and H+K’s Global Virtual Mentoring Program provides a professional development opportunity for both mentees and mentors. Matthew Whitbread, Account Manager, London, and Ron Hutcheson, Senior Strategist, Washington, D.C., share their experiences with the program. I had expected our calls to focus on problem solving, but Matt did not … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Awarded WorldatWork Work-Life 2017 Seal of Distinction

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Award marks second consecutive year of H+K receiving this prestigious recognition WorldatWork, the nonprofit HR association and compensation authority, today announced that Hill+Knowlton Strategies U.S. has earned the organization’s Seal of Distinction, a unique mark of excellence that identifies industry-leading employee total rewards programming and benefits. The prestigious Seal of Distinction has been awarded since … Read more

We can’t let Canada’s politicians divide us with populist labels

This article was originally published in The Globe and Mail on January 16, 2017. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to cancel his plans to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos so he can undertake a cross-country tour and engage directly with Canadians is a symptom of a much larger and more troubling trend where … Read more