Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

by H+K Canada

February 23, 2017

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

Owning your company’s narrative in the shifting and often publicly-driven social media space can be tough. Between misconceptions and misunderstandings, the social web is also littered with fake news and an army of trolls. With that said, it’s more important than ever to break through the clutter. Your audience has questions. And you already have … Read more

“Our Paint Is Light”: How A Japanese Art Collective Is Mixing The Digital And Physical

The digital age sits on a foundation of paradoxes. Social networks connect us, but we remain physically apart. Digital tools for collective action, from crowdfunding to online petitions, rarely bring us together. All too often, technology stimulates our minds but leaves our bodies inactive. Can these contradictions between the digital and physical be reconciled? TeamLab, … Read more

Thought leadership on thought leadership

Sometimes you have to get meta. Undertaking research on thought leadership, with thought leaders, to have an end product which is in and of itself thought leadership is pretty fun conceptual gymnastics. That’s what we did at H+K in partnership with the Economist Group. I have two favourite findings – one around the intent of … Read more

Risk is the New Caution

Without risk, growth is impossible. In the boardroom, this is not a controversial statement. Corporations have always understood that without calculated risk, they might survive but would cease innovating and expanding into new markets. But in communications, risk isn’t sought out. A reticent communications policy, built of intermittent press releases, annual and quarterly reports, and … Read more

Banfield Pet Hospital with H+K Wins at In2 SABRE

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Last night, at the In2 SABRE Awards North America hosted by The Holmes Report in Chicago, judges awarded Banfield Pet Hospital and H+K with the award for best original research for PR. The award-winning work is based on a comprehensive study – the PAWrometer™ – that surveyed employees and HR decision makers to better understand … Read more

Trump on trade – the art of the tweak

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘tweak’ can mean “make fine adjustments” or, more ominously, “pinch and twist sharply; pull with a sharp jerk.” It remains to be seen which of these definitions President Trump had in mind when he committed to “tweaking” the bilateral trade relationship that the United States enjoys with … Read more

Liz Torrez Celebrated as PR News Top Women in PR Honoree

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Today at the PR News Top Women in PR Awards luncheon held in New York City, one of the many impressive honorees was H+K’s Liz Torrez, senior vice president in the Chicago office. The Top Women in PR program celebrates communicators who have made bold advances in managing crises, developing brand messages and protecting and building brand … Read more

Brick-And-Mobile: How Shopping Is Becoming Social

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Shopping is changing drastically. Our entire customer journey – from discovery to research to the point of purchase – has moved online and become intuitive and social. In many ways today, products find us just as much as we find them. The advents of mobile technology and social media have been crucial factors in this … Read more

Jewel Britannia – the value of trade with the UK

As Canada looks to diversify its international trade and foreign investment portfolio, there are encouraging signs that it is moving to seize blue-chip opportunities being created in the United Kingdom. The UK is a G-7 country and a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It has the world’s fifth-largest economy as well as a … Read more