Trump on trade – hub and spoke

by H+K Canada

March 1, 2017

Trump on trade – hub and spoke

There has recently been a great deal of debate about whether any NAFTA renegotiations will be conducted bilaterally (Canada and the U.S. one-on-one) or trilaterally (Canada, the United States, and Mexico together). In reality, it can only be both. Where NAFTA is, essentially, a trilateral framework comprised of a series of bilateral agreements, some aspects … Read more

Ruling The Roost? Predictions for China and the Year of the Rooster Part One: Political Change

With the fireworks of the Chinese Spring Festival having just launched the Year of the Rooster into flight, we’re looking ahead to ask what every self-respecting China-watcher needs to know about the year ahead. This article, the first of a three-part series, reflects upon the political changes that likely lie ahead for the emerging superpower. … Read more

XThe Content Gold Rush: ‘If we don’t cannibalize ourselves, someone else will.’

Sign reading "Barcelona" in front of MWC

There’s a content gold rush underway, and for content producers and distributers, the race is on to secure the strongest and largest audience. On Tuesday, February 28, at Mobile World Congress, major players in the content world discussed the challenges the industry is facing and strategies they’re employing as they look ahead. Arnaud de Puyfontaine, … Read more

Québec Budget 2017-2018 – Overview

Carlos J. Leitão, Minister of Finance for Québec, tabled in the National Assembly his fourth budget, which he himself labeled as a budget of hope. It is, in fact, Mr. Leitão’s third consecutive balanced budget. The 2017 Québec Economic Plan tabled reflects the surpluses announced in late 2016 and will bring economic vitality, a contrast … Read more

Federal Budget 2017 – Insights on infrastructure and transportation

In light of lower than expected domestic economic growth and brewing international uncertainty, Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s second budget is best described as Phase Two. Infrastructure development has been a key element of the government’s economic plan and Budget 2017 continues to emphasize its importance to innovation, community building, job creation and economic growth, and … Read more

Trump on trade – the Ides of March

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, a soothsayer warns the great leader to “beware the Ides of March” – March 15th in the Roman calendar. It was wise counsel that Caesar ignored to his grave detriment, and which Canadians cannot without risking a similar fate. According to media reports, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told officials that … Read more