Classic Products are Re-imagined as Retro Vibes Trend

by H+K Global

August 29, 2017

Classic Products are Re-imagined as Retro Vibes Trend

Room filled with nostalgia items including retro TV, records, VHS tapes

No one is a greater champion of recycling than Hollywood. In the past decade or so, studios have rebooted one classic after the other, including “Superman,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “X-Men,” just to name a few. The trend isn’t limited to the big screen, either. Companies in all kinds of industries are revamping, reimagining … Read more

Emoji, A Universal Language? Not Quite.

Emoji are a language of their own, and the native speakers fit squarely within marketing’s Holy Grail demographic: Millennials. From press releases written entirely in emoji to an emoji-fied Bible, the characters are the go-to shortcut for professional communicators of all kinds who are eager to reach young people. The very fact that 2017 saw the … Read more

The Age of Personalization: Why Curated Content Is Good For Business

Personalization is now everywhere. Over the past few years, it has transformed from a marketing objective to a larger value system that guides how we produce and consume content. The advent of big data and artificial intelligence gives business and advertisers greater access to information about their customers’ behavior online, and in turn, helps them … Read more

Premier Brad Wall announces that he will be stepping down as Premier

Amid months of speculation, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall announced he will be stepping down as Premier and Party Leader. The announcement comes on the heels of a recent SaskParty caucus retreat. Wall will remain Premier until a next Saskatchewan Party leader is chosen. In the five-minute Facebook post, the Premier noted that despite the current … Read more

Children and Marketing: 4 Fundamentals of Transparency, Placement and Purpose

Marketing to Children

In June of 2017, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), an independent organization responsible for British advertising standards, released new rules banning the advertising of high-fat, -salt, or -sugar food or drink products in media targeted at those under the age of 16. It was the latest addition to an evolving body of guidelines aimed … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada moving audiences to feel, believe and understand with ProPEL+

TORONTO, ON (August 30, 2017) — The success of any strategic communications effort hinges on the persuasiveness of the story being told. Narratives that are deeply relatable have the power to galvanize opinions, change behaviours and build the winning conditions to achieve a desired outcome. That’s why Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) developed ProPEL+ – a proprietary … Read more

Secondhand Shopping's Firsthand Benefits

Secondhand goods are having a moment—and it goes far beyond garage sales and flea markets. The process of selling old items and buying used ones is becoming easier with online marketplaces and mobile apps, and upcycle-friendly consumers are taking advantage of the trend. “Re-commerce,” as it has been dubbed, is shaking up the retail market, … Read more