The Most Magical Time of the Year: Preparing for CES, Of Course!

by Sara Gourlay

Global Head of Technology
November 30, 2017

The Most Magical Time of the Year: Preparing for CES, Of Course!

It’s the most magical time of the year… I love this time of year. That sense of expectation in the air, the sense of anticipation about the people we’ll see and the parties we’ll enjoy, all those boxes just waiting to be investigated, the travel plans, the anxious planning of footwear and bulk buying of … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Appoints New General Manager in Ottawa

OTTAWA, ON (NOVEMBER 27, 2017) — Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Canada’s top-ranked public relations and public affairs firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Mariani as General Manager of its Ottawa office. “Rob is the perfect person to lead our Ottawa office as we build on our past successes and move to seize new opportunities,” … Read more

Crisis: Speed Matters

In retrospect of crisis communications this year, it has become clear that during a crisis, speed matters. Now, more than ever. Looking at crisis communications examples that will define 2017, timing is rising to the surface in an unprecedented way. Videos and images are now the predominant form of data that moves across the Internet, … Read more

A Thousand Little Compromises – The Canada Complex

We know that Canadian marketers have about 1/10 of the budget of their American counterparts. So often, we hear our clients lament that they can’t afford the big flashy builds so common in major American markets like New York or even across the pond in London. But I would argue that smaller budgets aren’t what’s … Read more

President Trump’s “State Visit-Plus” to China – Key Outcomes

Trump Asia

In the below update, we examine the key outcomes from what the Chinese government billed as President Trump’s “state visit-plus” last week, particularly with regard to bilateral economic relations and tensions on the Korean peninsula.  A big win for Beijing Without any of the hitches that often occur during the highest level Sino-U.S. exchanges, Trump’s … Read more

The Return of Grand Narratives


In a recent interview, French President Emmanuel Macron argued that the absence of “grand narratives” in society has eroded public trust in political leadership and has constrained the aspirations of countries and their citizens. It’s a sentiment that President Macron’s predecessors Charles de Gaulle or François Mitterrand might have expressed, but one could easily envision … Read more

Post-Party Congress- What to Expect from President Trump’s “State Visit Plus” to China

Trump China

Today, U.S. President Trump arrived in Beijing for the China leg of his marathon 12-day tour in the Asia-Pacific region. He will be the first leader of a major world power to visit China since its recently concluded leadership reshuffle at the 19th Party Congress last month. The Chinese government has promised that his trip … Read more

Sailing with the “Red Boat Spirit” into China’s New Era

Last week, China’s new leadership team made a rare joint visit to some of the historical sites of the Party’s founding. The politically symbolic tour reaffirmed that strengthening the Party’s centrality across virtually all aspects of Chinese society will remain a hallmark of the Xi administration’s second term. All Chinese and foreign businesses need to … Read more


We have all sat through marketing presentations that expound that brands need to forge an emotional connection with consumers but what does this actually mean? I would argue that in order to connect with one’s audience in a manner that delves deeper than the transactional, we need to apply the same principles that we do … Read more