China Unveils First Economic Blueprint for “New Era”

by Benjamin Cooper

December 22, 2017

China Unveils First Economic Blueprint for “New Era”

Guomao Skyline China

Sketching out the inaugural roadmap for the Chinese economy in President Xi’s second term, China’s most important annual economic meeting outlined the broad policy priorities for 2018-2020. The “three tough battles” identified including preventing and defusing major risks, especially financial vulnerabilities, alleviating poverty, and controlling environmental degradation. Any direct mention of deleveraging was notably absent … Read more

Truth and Consequences: How Kids Learn to Think Critically about their Health and Beyond

When it comes to health, bogus and misleading claims are as common as dirt. And unfortunately, a lifetime of received wisdom can make it difficult to distinguish between advice grounded in scientific evidence and that grounded in folklore. People are often stubborn, resistant to change, and reluctant to learn new things when new facts contradict … Read more

Scam alert: the need for public awareness campaigns

There is a massive home and auto repair scam playing out across Florida that has been mounting for several years. Targeting unsuspecting consumers, the systematic fraud and abuse threatens the affordability of home ownership in the Sunshine State; tangling average people up in unwanted lawsuits, and leaving some victims with unrepaired property and their insurance … Read more

Jack’s Perspective: Taking the Long View

Long-term investing — in people, products, and corporate cultures — is something I reflect on quite often. For a very simple reason: This is the triangulation of every successful business. My views are shaped by a lifetime of experiences, starting with my decision in the 1980s to create a consulting firm driven by Fifth Seat … Read more