Cannabis Info: The pharmaceutical industry and cannabis producers: towards a marriage of convenience or prolonged celibacy?

by Pascal Chouinard

Account Director
July 25, 2018

Cannabis Info: The pharmaceutical industry and cannabis producers: towards a marriage of convenience or prolonged celibacy?

The legalization of medical use of cannabis left in its wake a series of conspiracy theories implicating the pharmaceutical industry. These theories implied that the pharmaceutical industry wished to prevent the legalization of cannabis in order to maintain its monopoly on the sale of medication. Studies[1] indicating that the medical use of cannabis is associated … Read more

Finding Common Ground in the Energy Mix


South Africa’s energy sector has been mired in controversy of late, leaving citizens in the dark as to where the country’s energy future is headed and what it will take to keep the lights on. Be it the delays in signing power purchase agreements for the renewables projects, the National Union of Metalworkers advocating for a socially owned renewable-energy sector or the nuclear new build … Read more

Jack's Perspective: Western Alliance

Western Alliance

As President Trump wraps up the western portion of his European diplomatic mission, it’s worth noting that the only person he met with who has an approval rating over 50 percent is the Queen of England. Trump’s approval rating has rebounded somewhat but is still well in the red. Broadly speaking, the leaders of France, … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is pleased to welcome two Special Advisors

MONTREAL, July 17, 2018 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is very pleased to welcome Theodora Samiotis and Vincent Jarry to our team of recognized experts in public affairs, communications, engagement and public participation. The expertise of these two Special Advisors brings additional depth to the services offered by H+K in Montreal and in Quebec City. With … Read more

A Historical Perspective on Media Analysis Trends

Media Analysis

Media analysis has developed as rapidly as the media with which it works. A rigorous approach to content analysis dates to 1927, with Harold Lasswell’s research on propaganda. Media analysis began almost immediately following invention of the printing press. Types of media analysis used today have their history in the Gutenberg Bible, but the concept … Read more

H+K at Cannes Lions 2018

PR Lions

From running client events to attending awards ceremonies, our teams had a busy week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year. Check out their work below: Award Submissions KPN: Evert_45 Evert_45: a boy who tells his story through social media, from the year 1945 A boy sharing his first-hand account of WWII … Read more

You Have to Participate to Win: The PR Lions Category

PR Lions

Every year, PR pundits and assorted media experts recycle the same tired stories about ad agencies winning ‘our’ Lions. They miss the real headline: Hardly any of the work entered is from PR agencies. In 2009, only about 30% of entries came from PR agencies; 10 years on, it is a woeful 10%. If you don’t participate, … Read more