Ontario Budget 2019: Belt Tightening and Targeted Spending

by Melissa Lantsman

Vice-President, Public Affairs
April 11, 2019

Ontario Budget 2019: Belt Tightening and Targeted Spending

Belt Tightening and Targeted Spending — The PCs Deliver a Different Budget Than Expected April 11, 2019 — Today’s release of the first budget for Ontario’s new PC government deviates from expectations in that it wasn’t an across-the-board austerity budget. Titled “Ontario’s Plan to Protect What Matters Most,” the budget outlines significant spending in areas … Read more

Participation is the Ultimate Form of Persuasion

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term persuade as “to cause another person to believe.” It’s a deceptively simple definition.  How do you convince someone to believe in something?  Moreover, how do you convince a group of people – each with their own views and values – to believe in the same thing?  I would … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Hires Federal Political Veteran to Join its Ottawa Public Affairs Practice

OTTAWA, ONT. APRIL 2, 2019 – Hill+Knowlton Strategies Ottawa is pleased to announce Chris Lalande has joined the Public Affairs group as Senior Account Director, effective immediately. Mr. Lalande has worked and volunteered in politics for more than three decades and is a versatile political manager, communicator and strategist. He was most recently Chief of … Read more

#BigIdeas2019: Innovation with a Woman’s Voice

  Last Monday a very special event called #BigIDeas2019 took place at CaixaForum Madrid. This first annual event brought together the Spanish innovation community and gave us the opportunity to celebrate the third anniversary of #SomosMujeresTech, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Spain’s unique initiative championing diversity. Under the slogan “Innovation with a Woman’s Voice,” seventeen Spanish directors in … Read more

Ukraine post-election report

Ukraine held a presidential election on March 31, with almost 63% registered voter turnout – slightly higher than average when compared to previous elections. Early results and exit polls show TV comedian and political novice Volodymyr Zelensky won the first round but, fell short of an absolute majority. Incumbent President Petro Poroshenkofinished second and the … Read more

Too Many Democrats Are Running in 2020, According to Science

This article was originally posted on Politico. The first Democratic presidential debate is scheduled to take place over two nights and three TV networks this June. But even with this unprecedented capacity, the stage isn’t big enough to handle the dozen-plus candidates seeking the party’s nomination, so they must surmount a variety of hurdles involving polls and fundraising … Read more

Communication: The Driver of Digital Transformation

This article is a synopsis of the March 28th World Business Forum on Digital Transformation workshop in Madrid, Spain. Digital transformation is already a global reality, but it is a reality that has reached different levels of maturity across the planet. The digital transformation of organizations takes place precisely at the intersection of three elements: … Read more

European Elections 2019 – a Referendum about the January Agreement?

The Swedish national election of 2018, with its uncertain parliamentary situation in conjunction with the distinct deadlock in Swedish domestic politics, set the stage for an extremely lengthy government-forming process. The differences between the two traditional blocks are smaller after the national election of 2018 than before, however, the left-green has a continued advantage over … Read more

Are you as funny as this sign?

Lots of people think they are funny, and many of them are, but few are as funny or as popular as a sign outside a Tex-Mex restaurant in downtown Austin. It’s not perfect, but the El Arroyo sign is more than a civic landmark: it’s a good test case for how brands can do comedy … Read more