Ten Interesting Local Election Battles

by John Delacourt

Vice President, Public Affairs
August 22, 2019

Ten Interesting Local Election Battles

While there are 338 ridings in Canada, only a smaller number of ridings are truly competitive and up for grabs. While many projections are coming over the next few months, any outcome is possible. However, current polls would suggest we could be headed towards a close election with a minority government headed by either the … Read more

H+K Experts Available for Commentary and Analysis in Lead Up to Federal Election

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ public affairs experts are available for commentary and analysis in the lead up to Canada’s federal election. The team is comprised of members from across the country, from all party lines with a variety of in-depth expertise in national affairs, campaigns and digital media analysis. H+K experts are available to provide analysis on … Read more

The anatomy of a great political commerical

Attack ads suck. More on that later. But first, a little bit about the power of positivity. The greatest political commercial ever created is, by a wide margin, Morning in America, which in no small part helped Ronald Reagan nab 49 of 50 states on his way to re-election in 1984. It’s beautiful, it’s uplifting, … Read more

Insight: Manitoba Election 2019

A provincial election is officially underway in Manitoba. Election day is September 10, 2019, only five weeks before the federal election. The election was called one year earlier than expected, which had previously been scheduled for October 6, 2020. The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC) government is three years into its mandate from the … Read more

Insight: Their Party’s Path to Victory

We may have just hit the halfway point of summer but Canada’s political parties are already revving up their campaign engines. As we enter the last full month before the writ drops H+K’s political strategists, Anne McGrath, Melissa Lantsman and Omar Khan share what you need to know about each of their party’s paths to … Read more