Omar Khan appointed National Cannabis Sector Lead

by H+K Canada

October 15, 2019

Omar Khan appointed National Cannabis Sector Lead

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Experts Available to Comment on the First Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization Ahead of the one-year anniversary of cannabis legalization, and the impending legal sale of cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts, Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) announces new National Cannabis Sector Lead and experts available to comment. Widely recognized as an industry leading expert in the … Read more

H+K Experts Available Week of Election

Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ public affairs experts are available for commentary and analysis on Election Day and the days that follow. The team is comprised of members from across the country, from all party lines with a variety of in-depth expertise in national affairs, campaigns and digital media analysis. H+K national affairs experts: Omar Khan, national affairs … Read more

Bloc Quebecois Picking Up in the Polls

In the run-up to the second French leaders’ debate, to be hosted by the Federal Debates Consortium, the spotlight is on Yves-François Blanchet, Leader of the Bloc Québécois, following a solid performance in the French debate hosted by TVA and an overall good showing in the English Leaders Debate. The Bloc Leader’s performance in this … Read more

The interest of Quebecers

In a historic move last October, Quebecers elected their first-ever Coalition Avenir Québec provincial government – a government that is neither sovereignist nor federalist. This October, Quebecers will decide who they want to represent their interests in Ottawa. And, as they turn their attention to Canada’s 43rd general election, what concerns will persuade them at … Read more

Hill+Knowlton Strategies bolsters municipal expertise with appointment of Norm Kelly

TORONTO – Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), one of Canada’s leading public relations firms, is pleased to announce the appointment of Norm Kelly as an Associate in its municipal public affairs team. With organizations focusing on working, engaging and collaborating with local governments across Canada, H+K continues to strengthen its municipal public affairs team to support its … Read more

10 Very Effective Negative Political Ads

Like a coin, an effective political ad strategy will have two sides. Parties will tell voters why they should support them and their leader, but they also need to say why they should not support their opponents. Successful negative or contrast ads will use evidence to build on pre-conceived beliefs that the public already has … Read more