Cannabis Consumer Analysis

by Omar Khan

National Cannabis Sector Lead
December 17, 2019

Cannabis Consumer Analysis

Canadian attitudes and behaviours assessed over the last six months, heading towards the availability of edibles, infused beverages and topical products. Introduction  In December 2019 H+K conducted a nation-wide survey of adult Canadians about cannabis. H+K has been advising clients in the medical and recreational cannabis space since 2013. We help clients achieve success in … Read more

The Arctic and Northern Policy Framework is a good start, but now it’s time for a new generation of Leaders to walk the walk

The North has largely been off the Canadian news clips and out of the consciousness of the Canadian public, with but a few exceptions like former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s focus on Northern sovereignty and defence and his “use it or lose it” rhetoric and more recently, the late Gord Downie’s shout out to Prime … Read more