Acting for the Common Good

by Jason MacDonald

Senior Vice-President and National Lead, Corporate Advisory
May 31, 2021

Acting for the Common Good

The shift to stakeholder capitalism is forcing companies to reconsider the relationship between performance and purpose. It’s hardly earth-shattering to suggest that new communications technologies, environmental and social justice movements, and economic disruptions, to say nothing of the powerful social and economic impacts of COVID-19, are transforming the relationships between business, society, and governments. With … Read more

What does the rise of ESG mean for communications?

The sustainability conversation has fundamentally changed in the pandemic. The classic trade-off between environmental and social commitments and shareholder value has been challenged as environmental, social, governance (ESG) investments have outperformed the market. As a result of changing market dynamics, increased global regulation, and advocacy from key players like BlackRock, there’s a greater acceptance of … Read more