Trudeau’s New Cabinet

by John Delacourt

Vice President, Public Affairs
October 27, 2021

Trudeau’s New Cabinet

A New Team Positioned to Solve Crucial Challenges for the Difficult Third Mandate At virtually every point in the life of a government, Cabinet making remains a difficult craft. Those tasked with the job have to take, from the crooked timber of personalities and perspectives within the caucus, the best and, if we’re all lucky, … Read more

What’s Next for the Energy Sector?

It has been suggested that Canada’s 2021 federal election did not change much, voters have sent Members of Parliament back to Ottawa with another minority and a message to get to work. They have decided on similar levels of support for the traditional mainstay parties, similar levels of seats, and of course a continued minority … Read more

Matthew Gibson joins Hill+Knowlton Strategies as Senior Vice President and Energy + Industrials Lead

Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Gibson as Senior Vice President and National Energy + Industrials Sector lead. In this role, he will support significant national files and a bi-coastal integrated team of public relations and public affairs consultants. Matthew will replace the previous Sector Lead Will Stewart, who has continued to serve in an … Read more

What’s Next for the Health Sector?

Canada’s health sector faces a once-in-a-century challenge. Over a year and a half since COVID-19 reshaped our lives, the crisis continues to evolve. The pandemic’s impacts will be felt for years, perhaps decades, to come. And yet the 44th federal election produced a result that looked very much like the 43rd. The numbers obscure enormous … Read more

What’s Next for Business?

Last week, Canadians went to the polls and elected Canada’s 44th Parliament which, after a tightly contested thirty-six-day election, looks a lot like Canada’s 43rd Parliament. The message from voters is clear: no party deserved to be rewarded with any more power than they had six weeks ago. Business leaders that were hoping the campaign … Read more

Video | What’s Next for the Health Sector?

On September 27, H+K hosted a virtual panel discussion that explored what’s next for the health sector after the 44th federal election. Our panel of experts discussed health system capacity and planning, the interplay between the provinces and the federal government, mental health, bio-innovation and bio-manufacturing, public health and more. They examined how the pandemic impacted policies in … Read more